Full Medical Intuitive Reading

Get to the root cause of your mental, emotional, or physical imbalances–before they materialize into illness or disease–with a Full Medical Intuitive Reading. Or if you have multiple complex issues or a mysterious problem that has been difficult to resolve, the full MIR is for you. This reading is designed to guide you to areas that must be focused on first. The mind, body and spirit are in layers like an onion and to get results you must peel the layers off in order.

A MIR is designed to focus on what is the top layers to focus on AND what can work to help with the peeling. This transformational service taps into your unique energy field to give you a picture of your current state of health and overall well-being. You will discover the sources and reasons why you have or have had certain illnesses and injuries, no matter how major or minor.

What You Can Expect You decide whether you want an interactive reading or a recorded reading without personal interaction. Then, I will create your personalized reading using the following five steps:

  1. Introduction – I’ll perform an emotional analysis to pick up on specific emotionally connected situations that are counterproductive to your health.
  2. Physical Analysis – Following the emotional analysis, I’ll assess your physical body in my mind’s eye, including your head, neck, heart, lungs, thyroid, and all other organs. In this process, I look for markers of issues within your physical body. Issues are revealed to me as vivid images in my mind’s eye. I will provide you with an interpretation of these visions.
  3. Interactive History – Illnesses are all associated with lifestyle choices, heredity and environmental factors. I will assess these factors as they come to me. Some you may already be aware of and others will be completely new to you.
  4. Emotional Undertones – I will discuss the emotional factors that are contributing to your diminished health, including stress, career, family issues, and so on. I will help you understand which stressors are associated with specific issues in your body, and WHY.
  5. Solutions – I will provide feedback and recommendations on conventional Western remedies, as well as complementary approaches including (but not limited to) homeopathy, acupuncture/traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, chiropractic and nutritional, where appropriate. Suggested actions to take may include dietary adjustments, specific types of physical activity and/or therapy. If needed, I will also provide recommendations for lifestyle corrections. Finally, I will include recommendations for music and reading that I know, intuitively, will speed your progress.

Affirmations and other spiritual exercises are always included during sessions, and they are one of the most important elements in helping you gain better health.

What I Need From You:

  • For a recorded reading with no personal interaction, please provide me with the following information about you: 1) your name, 2) age, 3) gender, 4) location.​
  • For an interactive reading, make a list of your goals prior to the 60-minute session and bring an open heart and mind. During the call, make sure you are lying down or comfortably seated. Allow about an hour afterward for rest. Note: goal setting is a primary indicator of a successful outcome.

How Much It Costs:

Recorded Reading: Includes and audio recording -not a live interactive session with Dr. Veronica -and transcript of your reading with the medical intuitive matrix I fill in as I am receiving information from your energetic aura.

Price: $1,497

Interactive Reading: Includes interactive 60-minute phone or video conference.

Price: $1,497

Interactive Reading With Follow Up Session: Includes additional support you need to transform your health with one-on-one coaching, implement your personalized plan and evalute complete health history with a Living Matrix.

Price: 1,997

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