The way to open your heart, listen and learn about social and racial justice

The Authentic Allyship

While people were fussing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I've been creating just for you. I've pulled out and together content that's been used successfully with my clients in transformational coaching programs. These tools and techniques were created to address how to conquer obstacles and remove blindspots more easily. You must learn to forgive yourself quickly for past deeds and be able to go forward confidently with a plan that is impactful for Black, Indigenous and People of Color you desire to be an ally of Black, Indigenous and People of Color while being the real you.

Faking it won't work and you know this because you have seen too many people getting called out.

Here's what I know: Shaming does not work. The barrage of facts hasn’t helped. Analogies, concepts and incredibly compelling content has lead to more confusion. This is all a new language for you and you're struggling to understand how this fits into your new realizations and how to NOT offend someone unintentionally. You also need to understand what it is that you did or said that is perceived as painful or infuriating and resulted in big misunderstandings that resulted in you feeling a bit shy and confused about doing anything.

You want some patient understanding and guidance from people have both knowledge and experience who want to help you. You want a place to ask questions that can't be talked without trouble ensuing on social media.

Yes I'm Interested

Introducing... The Authentic Allyship

Mentorship for those who are ready and serious to make a difference in social and racial justice

Throughout this program, you will learn:

-How your backstory and own wounds have formed your beliefs

-History that they simply didn't teach you

-Strategies to Forgive Yourself Fast so you can move out of shame and guilt

-Quick ways to get rid of implicit biases that no longer serve

-A process to transform harming emotions into empowering ones

-Ways to listen that eliminate misunderstandings

-How to open your heart so "them" becomes "us"

Case studies, stories and exercises will be used to provoke deep thought and examination of beliefs and plan your better future as a truly helpful ally that is authentically you.

You will laugh too because laughter bonds people AND heals!

Why you should join?

Because after completing this program you will know how to leave behind silence, secrecy and shame and embrace the brand of social and racial justice that feels right for you and creates lasting alliances with people you’d like to help. 

You will stop making the common mistakes that are offensive even though your intention is to help. 

You will learn ways to interact across racial and ethnic cultures.

You'll get much-needed feedback and coaching as you reach out in new ways.

You'll be on your journey with others in various stages.

You'll be held accountable to make sure you actually do something instead of more talk.

Who I am?

I'm Dr. Veronica Anderson Dedegbe. I hold a certification in African American studies from Princeton University along with an A.B in Neuroscience and have completed independent work while at Princeton examining health disparities. After graduating from Princeton, I received my MD with Honors from Rutgers Medical School and went on to train in New York City as an Ophthalmologist.

I'm also a Burnout Recovery Specialist & Intuitive as well as the bestselling author of 3 books including“Too Smart to be Struggling: The Guide for Overscheduled Doctors to Get Happiness (and More Money Too)“ I transitioned from the private practice that I started from Patient Zero as a Board-certified Ophthalmologist and Glaucoma specialist to a transformational coach & integrative practitioner delivering individual and group programs to help people overcome strange, rare and peculiar issues. Using my skills as both a coach and  intuitive I have guided high-performing professional women how to make successful health and life transformations by overcoming challenges and developing resilience . 

I'm a Cohort 5 Fellow in AIHM's Integrative Medicine program and due in October 2020 (yay!) and have certified in Functional Medicine with IFM and trained in homeopathy with CEDH.

I have hosted my own podcast and AM radio show for several years and has appeared on national television including CNN and Fox News Network  as well as multiple syndicated radio shows and podcasts. I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and split my time living in Bucks County, PA and Harlem, New York City with my husband (who was born in a French-speaking West African country) and two Jagdterrier dogs, Artemis and Apollo.

If you've been saying…

  • I want to figure this out
  • I don’t know what I'm doing
  • I need a process
  • I want guidance
  • I feel lost
  • Who do I ask?
  • What do I even ask?
  • Where do I start?

Then, this is for you!

You’ve read a few books, listened to a lot of podcasts, and watched way to many videos. But you still can’t figure out how to take some meaningful action, then you need this for your own personal development be able to make lasting change!