97: Unleash Unlimited Energy with Wendy Myers – Dr. Veronica Anderson

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Podcast

“There are a lot of things you can do to detox your body.”

Wendy Myers


Wendy Myers is an expert in detoxification and minerals. Her passion is to educate people on the importance of long-term detoxing considering our toxic world. After learning deeper in this field, she came to realize that there is more to healing than what the medical system provides. Food, detoxification, and natural healing modalities must be used to compliment the advances in modern medicine.

On this episode, Wendy shares her expertise in energy healing and detoxing. She explains how managing your lifestyle and environment help improve your health on an energetic level. She also introduces her book, Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue, which teaches you how to unleash unlimited energy through detoxification.

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97: Show Notes

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Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue


Time Stamps:

1:08 – About the book

2:06 – Where can we get metals?

3:54 – Energetic side of Health

7:30 – What causes energetic blockage?

11:51 – What is Infoceutical?

16:39 – Managing healthy lifestyle and environment

20:29 – My Health Results

21:56 – Healing Reactions

25:59 – How much does this type of healing cost?

28:37 – Scanning process


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

Dr. Veronica: Thanks again for joining the Wellness Revolution, Dr. Veronica here. I have with me today Wendy Myers and you’re gonna love this interview because we’re gonna talk about the stuff you need to know to really get results on your health. So, Wendy has a best-selling book “Limitless Energy”. Wait, I’m gonna give you the right title. I’m gonna give you the right title. Wait, Wendy say the title for us because you can get this one with Amazon, it’s a number one bestseller. You might even have it right there to hold up because sometime people…

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Veronica: She is a best-selling author, she helps people detox from toxic metals and she is the supplement and mineral queen. We have this way of doing things that has converged on energy. Everybody talks to me about I got low energy, I got brain fog, I got all this. But we have a system that we use now that helps people get hyper healing, the best health of their life and we’re gonna talk about that today. So, Wendy first tell us the name of your book.

Wendy Myers: It’s called “Limitless Energy – How to detox the toxic metals to end exhaustion and chronic fatigue”. I know a fatigue is the number one complains of all the thousands of clients that I’ve worked with. So, I did a little bit of research on the metals that are mitochondrial poisons. So, toxic metals that interfere on your body’s ability to produce energy and keep up with a nice little book that has some simple protocols that you can do to detox these metals from your body and get more energy.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah. So, just to give a little background when you say the mitochondria, people say the bla-bla-bla. So, those are the little storehouses or yourselves that make energy. And if they don’t work right everything falls apart and you feel like crap. And there’s so many things that affect the mitochondria. We now know that it’s really important for brain function to mitochondria but all over your body. And metals… They’re all around us. So, people say “Well, metals, I’ve heard about amalgams in my mouth”. But where else might people get metals from?

Wendy Myers: They get the metal is in the air food and water. So, it’s really different to avoid them there’s certainly obvious sources like fish and shellfish but there’s metals in the water even if you’re drinking filtered water, you’re showering in water they’re going to have metals and chemicals in it. Even organic food can be fertilized with you know fertilizers that have toxic metals. Organic does not mean metal free. So, even supplements can have metals in them so it’s unfortunate in our environment is quite toxic. But there’s a lot of things that you can do to detox your body and that’s what I talk about on my website detoxforenergy.com

Dr. Veronica: Yes. And so, we found something that 1ups helping people get results and I’m excited about it because as a medical intuitive I read people’s energy. And people who believe in energy they come to me and they find me, but other people say “Oh, that’s woohoo, that’s not real. It doesn’t work”. But I found this system that you also are an expert in where it explains how I do what I do. When I first read in their book Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, their book decoding the human body field and they explained about people who are intuitive do how they do their work. I was just like this really is it. They get it, they get the physics of life. So, let’s talk a little bit about that because I think that people need to understand there’s three sides of health. There’s that physical side and we’re talking about diet and supplements and fitness but then there’s the spiritual emotional side and most people will call that stress. But on the other side there’s this energetic piece that practically no one deals with yet. All our clients come in and talk to us about it. So, let’s talk about that the energetic piece how did it come into your awareness that this was a big deal.

Wendy Myers: You know, all I can say is I’m incredibly thankful that I met Harry Massey who was a CEO of neshealth.com. He brought a lot of awareness to me and I wouldn’t have believed this you know, or really tried it probably a couple years ago. He’s very focused on the physical body, taking supplements and functional medicine and doing functional medical tests. But I fortunately met Harry I was I just interviewed him for a summit that I did, and I tried his program. It’s a bioenergetic program called Nes Health and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt within about 30 days. I was really taken aback by it because as you know like taking supplements and doing other kind of natural protocols can take some time, you don’t always see results right away. Socially with detox takes forever, takes you know, 2-3 years. And who wants to wait around for that? But it’s a necessary evil. But you know with bioenergetics if for anyone that’s not familiar with the concept you know, we have our physical body you know our body runs and communicates with hormones with neurotransmitters with our nervous system.

And that’s one way the body communicates. But there’s a whole other way the body communicates, and our body is energetic field. And so, what that is its relates to quantum physics. So, that sounds you know whatever kind of a big word but it’s not a difficult concept to grasp. It’s essentially if you have a thought or you have a feeling, or you have a physical issue, all of those things get into your body’s energetic field and are communicated out to the universe so to speak. And this was a concept kind of you know delved into by Albert Einstein. The very famous equation E equals MC squared. And that just means mass, our physical mass equals energy. And that’s exactly what we are. We are the little atoms in ourselves. They’re all just, they’re energetic.

And so, anytime we you know, we’re having a physical health problem it’s because there’s a breakdown in our body’s energetic field. And the majority of the communication in our body happens in the body’s energetic field. And so, the concept, some of the concepts behind Nes Health are that we have energetic blocks in our energetic field on our meridians. And when you have a blockage on your meridians or on a body part your pancreas or your stomach or what-have-you, eventually if that’s there long enough, you can have a breakdown in physical functioning. And what happens is you know our heart actually imprints information operating instructions on energy waves and sends that to our body. That’s actually the primary way our body communicates. Modern medicine cannot account for all the simultaneous trillions of human communications that are going on within our body. Our mitochondria and our neurotransmitters and hormones cannot account for all the communications and super-fast you know, chemical processes that are happening in our body.

And that is because everything happens quantumly. Everything happens in a split you know, millisecond with the communication system that we have in our body energetically. If that makes sense.

And so, what causes an energetic blockage? What causes an interference in our body’s energetic field? Number one emotional traumas. Any kind of emotional trauma that you’ve suffered in your life can cause an energetic block somewhere. There’s actually a lot of research. Dr. Hamer studied about 60-thousand cancer patients and where exactly in their body, what organs they had a mode they had cancers and then what emotional traumas that they had. And he found a very strong correlation between the type of cancer and the type of emotional traumas they had at some point in their life.

So, that, you see that in a Nes Health scan that you do to find where energetic blocks are. EMF, electromagnetic fields is, and you know from your wireless internet, your electric smart meter, the cell phone, towers were constantly getting microwaves you know, blows to our body. And that dramatically interferes in our body’s ability to communicate and function. And that’s why there’s lots of studies showing the EMFs cause cancers and leukemias and brain tumors and other health issues. That’s why. And it interferes and our body’s ability to speak to different body parts. And the things that cause energetic blocks are heavy metals, chemicals and then we also have a physical trauma where you have scars, you’ve had surgeries, those also cause organic blockers blockages as well and you have breakdown in energy and information flow in your body and then you can have a breakdown and physical functioning.

Dr. Veronica: Nice explanation.

Wendy Myers: I do my best here. That’s complicated.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, I know. So, people stay with me a little bit more. Once we have these breakdowns the big deal has been how to put it all back together. And so, we have thought in the past that the body breaks down especially in certain areas like the neurological system that once it’s broken there’s nothing that you can do about it. And now we know based on a lot of study of science that’s, let’s call it Newark. Because it’s not so new if you see people have been study it for you know 50 years but it’s just not in the mainstream where we’re utilizing it but this Nes Health system that we both use utilizes this information.

So, I have experienced personally things that have been broken on my body or problems with my body that if you go to a traditional neurologist’s office the best of the best with the best degrees they would have no answer or solution for me. Yet, through bioenergetic principles my body has healed. I had a head trauma, I had neurological defects that were there what are called Babinski’s, both sides. And one of my friends Dr. George Roth who actually also invented a system to help this in a different way. Actually, pretty much fixed this in his office and I was so amazed to lay there on the table. He worked on me for about five to ten minutes and all of a sudden, these neurological defects that were there were gone. And I’m ten minutes, minutes I’m talking whereas I’m walking around thinking, “Well, there’s nothing I can do about this stuff. It’s just I have to learn to live this way”. And adjusting to learning to live outside of being the foolish you. You know, you can be, is quite frustrating. As so, then experience that healing rapidly hyper healing was just fabulous. Now, we know now that Nes Health does that both with what we call the info sue tickles which are the structured water part of it drops, they can’t give you bad things that happen to.

But also, the PEMF, the pulse electromagnetic frequency, the machine that we use called “My Health” and regular everyday people can not only be scanned but experience improvements rapidly in their health through using one or the other of these or both. So, let’s talk a moment about that. First, let’s talk about what is an info suitable because this is where the physics world gets to know. Now, I’m trained in homeopathy. A lot of people have Holden homeopathy and I said, “Listen, it’s physics. It’s information, it gently pushes your body back to normal”. This one ups homeopathy. So, talk about the info suitable first.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, Nes Health is like the evolution of homeopathy, essentially. And the reason is because Nes Health has software. There’s about forty-five years behind Nes Health. There’s about 30 years of research Dr. Peter Fraser did. He and Harry Messi who’s a current CEO of Net South Met and they created a computer software where you can be sent a scanner and do a scan in the comfort of your own home no matter how sick you are, well you are. And you can get an assessment of your body’s energetic fields, so we can peer into the body and find it exactly where you have these energetic blocks and give you a protocol to clear the energetic vlogs and you know, restore your body’s energetic functioning and your body’s information flow in the body and send correct operating instructions to your body.

And so, that protocol entails what are called infoceuticals which are basically just liquid drops that are energetic remedies and a device called the “My health”. That is essentially it’s the same thing it sends corrective information on energetic waves to your body. It looks kind of like a cell phone. I usually have it on me. I did put it on the…

Dr. Veronica: You hold it up.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah. I don’t have it. I can go get it if you want. But yeah, so, these are the two things you can do. These are the two protocols that you use to correct your body’s functioning. And I actually host a podcast about bioenergetics called supercharged with Harry Massey because I’m so passionate about bioenergetics and how you can heal so many just so many different health issues and brain fog and fatigue and you know just big symptoms that when you go to the doctor they look at you and want to give you an antidepressant. You know, you can address these issues at the root cause. And it far surpasses functional even functional medicine and how it works.

And so, you can go to the superchargedlife.com we have a lot of information like there’s a video on what you see in an Nes Health scan, so you can go through each kind of screen in when you know in software that we use to see exactly what’s going on in your body. And you know, just there’s so much different information your immune system functioning, you know, different energetic blocks on your organs are you hydrated enough is there enough oxygenation going in your body your circadian rhythms are so much information that you see in the skin. And it gives you a blueprint to begin addressing these things in the priority.

You know, you can’t fix everything at once, so the scan has intelligence programmed into it where it’ll prioritize what your top issues are. The your top four and you just start with those and people get very rapid results and, so they typically will start with infoceutical drops only. You get about four infoceuticals and you take them all together. Usually start with about nine drops per day in a glass of water and they address energetically the issues that come up in your scan. And then if people they start getting really great results and they want to get a “My health” device. You know, it’s you know, about you know between $3,000 to $3,400. It’s not cheap but I use mine every single day and it’s something that people can add to their protocol when they’re ready.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah. I mean I think it’s wonderful to integrate with everything else that you’re doing. So, let’s make it clear it doesn’t mean that if you’re not eating right and you’re you know, not sleeping and you’re drugging and you’re drinking and having stress in your life that you’re gonna take these drops and it’s gonna fix everything. That’s not the way the body works this is meant to do in conjunction with doing what you can to improve your lifestyle. But what is also beautiful about this is sometimes people have a hard time sticking to a program or psychologically just grasping it or feeling angry about it and something that the infoceuticals in my health can work on is what I’ll call the emotional acceptance. Which makes it easier for people to follow those changes that they want to do and help the changes stick over time, so you don’t slide back. So, a lot of treatments you do it and then you got to keep going and going and going because you slide back. Usually when you do these energetic treatments it fixes it and then okay you’re past that and then you move on to something else. So, talk a little bit about how it integrates in because you know we’re not advocating that people don’t eat healthy and everything. And if you think, “Oh, I’ll just get two drops it’s gonna fix it, it’s going to fix everything”. No, that’s not the way it works. So, you can talk about how you use this.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. So, I can talk a little about my experience. When I, before I started using this here I am this health coach detox expert and I was waking up every morning really exhausted and waking up like I’d been hit by a truck and using coffee to wake up and I just I was having trouble losing weight and brain fog, not feeling good. And I started using this and it I was also not sleeping very well also. So, I started using this and within a very short period of time my lower back pain cleared up using the “My health” within about a week. I’ve been having troubles with it for about two years and I started sleeping a lot better, my circadian rhythms were correcting. I started as a result of that I started getting more energy. I had much better mood. I had a lot better mental clarity, I was really, really, happy with my results. But and you know, you have to keep doing it but if you have certain stressors in your life like if you have a bad diet, if you have mold in your home which I discovered that I have mold in my home. I think that’s really where my issues began and so Nes has helping me keep my head above water where I’m able to function. I feel, I feel really good, but you have to move out of your moldy house or remediate it because it’s gonna continue to be a stressor and Nes can you know, 100% address that.

Also, if you have EMF, if you have high EMF exposure in your home your wireless router or dirty electricity in your walls or other or you live in your cell phone tower, Nes is not gonna be able to fix that. It will give you some protection, it will help correct some of the damage done by EMF and how throws off your body’s energetic field it can kind of bring you back into alignment. But you ultimately have to clean up your environment. And same thing with diet and exercise and stress. Its, Nes definitely helps you to manage stress better I have way more stress in my life but I’m handling it much more gracefully and feel, don’t feel as stressed as much as I used to you, but you still have to manage stress in your environment and stressors. So, it’s not a magic bullet. There’s no magic bullet out there, it’s just a great way to compliment and you know, up your game with whatever else you’re trying to do and meeting your health goals.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. Now, having said that, I will I want to put in the push for the nice part about is giving some symptomatic relief quickly. So, what I noticed when I started using it, the “My health” is that’s a night all of a sudden slept completely. Now, I’m not a horrible sleeper but sometimes I wake up and you know, you get to the middle part of life and you wake up in a with a flush or sweat or something like that. First thing I noticed that when away was I slept through tonight and “Oh, my gosh. These flushes are gone”. Like immediately. The same day I started using it and it was that’s what’s beautiful because when you start something that’s like “How long is it gonna take for this to work?” And it gradually gets better and so all sudden you say, “Oh, yeah. That’s gone.” Where is this it was so nothing changed except I could it won the sleep mode put it under my pillow and then woke up the next one and said “Oh, my gosh. I didn’t wake up. I maybe wait, I woke up once to go, I went to the bathroom but then I went right back to sleep but I didn’t wake up because I had a flush”. And a lot of times that’s why I would wake up. Okay. Here’s that nightly flush.

Wendy Myers: Yeah and we Nes Health helps to correct your hormone functioning because it just it corrects a lot of different things at the same time just because it’s just getting your body functioning better again. It’s getting your you know operating instructions flowing or they’re supposed to go. Again so, it corrects a multitude of different issues going on in your body, but the most notable changes people feel are improvement in sleep and more energy and better brain function and mood. And so, they just they just feel better. But not everyone feels changes right away or within 30 days. Some people you know, for whatever reason that just takes them a little bit longer to experience changes or these changes are very subtle. I do find people get results when using them “My health” than just doing the infoceuticals alone. My ex-personal experience has only been with infoceuticals and the “My health”. I started with the” My health” but a lot of people just start with infoceuticals. But for many people, some people are very sensitive they can just do a couple drops of the infoceuticals and they have a lot of changes going on. So, there’s no question that the infoceuticals work or that the “My health” works. It’s just a matter of you know some people have subtle results, some people it’s like a lightning bolt struck them.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. And so, in talking about the how people heal, let’s talk about healing reactions. Because people have reactions to healing and sometimes they can be a little bit unpleasant and people feel like, “Well, what did you just do to me? I had this weird feeling I didn’t have before and it’s not so pleasant”. So, let’s talk a minute about healing reactions because a lot of people I’m sure you’ve seen people had these when you help them detox with heavy metals. But also, when you start any type of new protocol, you can have that uptick in unpleasant feelings. So, explain a little bit about that.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So, Nes is amazing but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, you know. You do have you know it’s not like you automatically feel amazing. You are going to sometimes have a look at little colds as viruses are coming up and latent viruses or you can have key bones, or you can have some anxiety or depression as you are emotionally detoxing and processing certain things. You can have insomnia also. And so, there are certain things that can be unpleasant, but you know any kind of worthwhile health protocol, typically you are going to have some sort of like healing reactions or detox symptoms if you will.

And so, with Nes Health some of the most common symptoms are kind of what I just mentioned. Yeah, I had one client start liber driver for instance and they were kind of depressed for a few days or I started bone driver that helps to get you know, correct bun bone functioning and bone health but can you have a lot of metals in your bones like lead and aluminum. When you’re detoxing aluminum you can get achy bones. So, that’s what I had. Some achy bones for about 12 hours but it passed. I’m definitely use the “My health” and put it on an emotional setting to release negative emotions. I definitely had some anxiety albeit mild. Some people can have very strong symptoms but most people it’s just it’s incredibly mild and it passes in a very short period of time.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. Okay. So, let’s talk about how people can work with this because I like it and I’m sure you like it for the same reason because I work with a lot of people remotely and this is something that people can do remotely. But also, I just want to let the audience know who’s listening and watching that if you want to physically see somebody you can do that too. And so, Wendy’s over there on the west coast. I’m on the East Coast, Philadelphia, New York area. So, if you’re in the middle of the country we’re still not lost there’s ways we can work with you but if you want to physically see a practitioner over there is Wendy, over on the other side is Dr. Veronica. And so, I’m happy to have people come in but it’s not necessary for you to know.

Wendy Myers: No, it’s not.

Dr. Veronica: Talk about that because that’s what I find exciting. Having something I can send to people and work with them remotely. And so, therefore it makes it convenient. So, talk about that.

Wendy Myers: Yes. And that’s what I like about it too because there’s a lot of people that live in small towns and rural areas and they just don’t have adequate alternative medical care or healthcare. And so, with Nes Health you just get sent a scanner in the mail, you can do your little scan it takes five minutes that sense your practitioner need you a skype appointment or a phone call, reviewing your scanner and then you get mailed the infoceuticals or you can do the “My health” on yourself. Some people it might be good for them to go into a practitioner to try in “My health” just as they can see for themselves how powerful the “My health” is before they can come into the purchase. But it’s one of those things that you have lots of alternatives. There are 4500 practitioners around the world. Nes Health has been around for about 15 years, not some new thing. It’s very tried and true and so you can work with, I have about three nest practitioners that work under me. You know, Dr. Veronica is doing it as well but lots of lots of choices in your health care to do Nes.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. That’s what’s beautiful and okay. So, we talked about the “My health”. You said 3,000 – 3,500 for the “My health”. Okay. So, let’s talk a little bit more about it because people say, “Well, this is not an affordable”. If person, generally if people get decide I want to get a scanner and do it at my home or I just want to I’m gonna get the infoceuticals. Give an idea of the monthly cost for things like this. Because I think it’s modest for the result that you get definitely.

Wendy Myers: Absolutely. Yeah. So, that’s just the “My health” it’s like the there’s different prices on the internet 3,000 to 3,500 but for most people it’s gonna cost about $250 a month which is really not bad. That’s what a lot of people are paying for a doctor’s appointment and some medication or which you know. I’m not like the biggest fan of but as far as addressing the underlying root cause of your health issue. And so, usually for our mind website we charge $250 to be sent a scan and that includes an hour consult to review the scan. But in the infoceuticals purchases usually about you know, two hundred and two hundred and fifty dollars. So, very affordable relatively.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. Now, and the other part of it is a lot of times what you always you can hope you could do this forever in a day, but you might get to a point where you like “I’m good. I’m not gonna use the infoceuticals”. That’s the goal I have for my clients that they get to a point where they’re in such a good place they feel like “You know what? I don’t really need to do anything, and I’ll just do it as needed”. And so, the beauties of this type of protocol is that you can do it or not as need of basis. It’s not like your pharmaceuticals that you’re hooked to them forever with no way to get off of them. And in fact, I can tell you that I’ve used “My health” for pain on myself and also on my husband from injuries and within a few hours a lot of time of pain is gone. Even from breaks and bangs and significant stuff that we you would think “Oh, you can’t heal from that”.

So, I just you know people think oh my god how good. Now, one little pieces, people say “What are you diagnosing me?” And I tell people that we’re not making a medical diagnosis giving medical advice or medical treatment. It doesn’t lend itself to that. In fact, we’re looking after whole body and we’re not saying “Oh, you have high blood pressure. Oh, you have thyroid disease. Oh, you’re crazy and got schizophrenia”. That’s not how it works. That’s a constructive Western medicine. We’re looking at what is what’s happening with cells and organs. So, I would explain it, can you explain, this is the last topic explained a little bit about that just, so people refocus their thinking not on what’s going on with my thyroid but what’s going on underlying that that can be fixed that may not have a name to it.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So, when you do an SL scan definitely not a diagnosis. You just see where you have energetic blocks on any tie, any organ or body area in the brain and your eyes what have you there it assesses about 70 different points on the body where you could potentially have an energetic block. But interestingly you know, I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of scans I find any but with myself, my dogs, my daughter and my friends and my clients. I find that the energetic blockages in the scan very, very highly correlated with physical issues that people know that they have or diagnosis that they have with their doctor. And so, the scan is it’s incredibly accurate and so it’s one of those things I find it really, really interesting and really compelling what you are able to see in the scan. I even had one client that we did his scan and his entire heart, every area of his heart was blocked. The second scan every area of his heart was blocked. He went to his physicians, he did have like a 70% but some, some high degree of blockage in his arteries. You need to go for open-heart surgery and do a quadruple bypass. And so, the scan caught that.

Dr. Veronica: Wow.

Wendy Myers: And so, yeah. And so, the scan sees a lot of different themes, so it can be a you know, because we definitely need you know, medical attention and you know, in care and whatnot so the Nes scan can be you know, predictive and in seeing areas where there’s a problem and that you can go to your doctor and then have it further assess. But for Nes Health takes care of a lot of different issues in the body even before you get a diagnosis or but before you have problems. It’s a wonderful preventive protocol that not only does it give you back your energy and give you just, I’ve heard stories of unbelievable resolution of their simple, their symptoms in a very short period of time. But it can also, it’s not diagnostic but it can be predictive, and it can, it can alert you to a problem that you might you want to have further evaluation. But it’s also preventive as well.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. And I’m just gonna I’m gonna make one correction that you said before. You said the scan takes about 15 minutes. Actually, it takes about…

Wendy Myers: Oh, did I say that?

Dr. Veronica: It takes seconds. Really. Yeah, you said the scan takes about 15 minutes.

Wendy Myers: Oh, surreally did I say that?

Dr. Veronica: Thank you. I got to say that. Because people, I want people to understand how fast it is. Every time I’ve done a scan up, people be like, they’re like “That’s all?” And then I tell them about, “Hey, this or that is happening. And they’re like, “How do you know all this about me?”

Wendy Myers: Oh, I know I said five minutes. I said it’s like to set up on your computer and then do the scan and so the practitioner. It takes like five minutes. It’s super, super fast. And the actual scan itself is like a second.

Dr. Veronica: Now, the other piece that I want people to know you people who are animal lovers to know is that this is a technology that can be used to animals in an amazing way. And animals don’t have the same preconceived notions and blockages, or you know, doubt that humans have. And so, animals get better results than people. So, you just, is that true? False?

Wendy Myers: Yes. They I mean you and I were just at the training together we decided my second training in Tampa, Florida. And we were there with Dr. Mercola and we were there with Dr. Lee Cowan. You guys might know Mercola.com. He went to the Nes Health bioenergetic trainings. It’s no joke and in that training we watched lots of videos of horses in pain barely able to walk getting one “My health” treatment and then walking perfectly fine because they were out of pain. Nes works unbelievable for pain. I can testify to this myself. But I also use Nes Health for my dogs. I have a dog that’s five pounds. She’s a Pomeranian. She is about 12 years old and has had a lot of different health issues related to her diet and just digestive issues. And of course, always comes up digestive issues and liber issues and teeth always come up in the scan which are her issues. And sometimes she’s in pain or just not feeling good, I am doing “My health” session on her. She’s up and within a couple hours up and playing like a little puppy again. And for I’ve spent thousands of dollars on vet bills, they’re just a complete waste of money. And in doing Nes Health with her, she has just how to complete revival in her health within such a short period of time. So, that’s essentially what I use with my animals.

Dr. Veronica: Beautiful. And so, I want to thank you so much for having this conversation with me. I believe that this is the way medicine should be done first before you go through all the other stuff. So, when you intend to change, this is, this could be done first to avoid some of the stuff that people are going through now. So, Wendy Myers thank you for being on the Wellness Revolution.

Wendy Myers: You’re so welcome. You can learn more about me at detoxforenergy.com and I have a new podcast coming out called “Detox for energy” podcasts on iTunes. And if you want to learn more about bioenergetics, I’m doing a podcast called “Supercharged” with Harry Massey as a CEO of Nes Health and you can find that at thesuperchargedlife.com

Dr. Veronica: And everybody knows that all those links are gonna be in the show notes. So, thank you so much Wendy.

Wendy Myers: Thank you Dr. Veronica.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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