94: Hack Your Health with Arvin Khamseh – Dr. Veronica Anderson

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“Are the genes going to be determining our life? No!”

 Arvin Khamseh 


Arvin Khamseh is one of the most sought-after experts in biohacking and has been educating people through videos, podcasts, and speaking engagements all over the world. He found his way into health consultancy after experiencing health issues as a child and seeing his parents struggle with their own issues as well. He teaches about food, sleep, and other elements of life that greatly impacts a person’s body and mind.

On this episode, he explains the role of genetics in a person’s health and wellbeing. He underlines that although genes do not define your life, knowing your genes can help you decide what’s good for you and what’s not. He also talks about the foods to cut or add into our diet that can change us into a better version of ourselves. People are different from one another, but everyone has an equal right to be healthy and happy.

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94: Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

1:07 – Arvin’s background

6:20 – Beat the 3 o’clock slump

8:45 – Hacking his own Biology

12:36 – Foods to cut or add to your diet

18:42 – Role of Genetics

21:51 – Genes on medications and substances

25:41 – Genes relative to the body’s wellness

31:41 – Genes on diet

37:29 – Blue Light and Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF)

43:44 – Tips for reducing EMF waves



Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast.

Dr. Veronica: Thanks again for joining the Wellness Revolution. Today we’re going to talk about how bio-hacking and bio-hacking, hacking we think about computers being hacked but you can have your body and there’s a way to do this, we’re going to talk about this with a bio-hacking expert. Okay so he taught me how to pronounce his name and then I like probably forget. Arvin Khamseh, is that correct Arvin?

Arvin: Yes it’s correct.

Dr. Veronica: Arvin Khamseh, hackmybiology.com, hackmybiology.com because I want you to listen and go there while you’re listening to this website because this is how to make yourself healthier and so Arvin welcome to the Wellness Revolution. Let’s start with how you got started. You got an interesting back story about how you got into bio-hacking and I know you come via Oxford, Oxford train gig when we hear Oxford and we say oh my God he’s brilliant. So tell us a little bit about your background.

Arvin: Sure yeah. I think from the age if I want to say seven or eight I was part of this organization that was just all about competing and just being super smart reading all these hardcore sciences and there were times that I would just study and you know I mean I was you know it’s not the time to be studying all day and I was doing that and then there were times that I would just look at all these smart people in my classroom and I would just see them not spending as much time on their studies and they would still do much better.

It just made me think about what is it so special about their brain chemistry, what is so special maybe that wasn’t a word that it was thinking that time. But I was just so fascinated with the improvement in performance and I think what was the first spark for me to just know hey there are certain people in that have it figured it out, maybe not through bio-hacking at that time but they definitely have a different genetic, they have a different and brain chemistry they’re doing it differently, whatever that is for them.

Then later on I had my own issues with my skin for about 10 years and I went through every single cream of medications and it was so severe that I had to be medicated. It was tough because I was part of a swimming team and I wouldn’t practice because of that and it really affected my life, the quality of my life. So the social life was impacted and you know at that age around like 10, 11 were so superficial and we just think-

Dr. Veronica: Only at 10 or 11 were superficial?

Arvin: Well some people continues to the rest of their lives and so yes I was just not really happy with the way things were going and the traditional health care wasn’t helpful for me at that point. So I started actually looking to see okay what- are there any alternatives for it and then I worked at a research lab later on I started reading a lot more papers and learned how to do it for myself and then in four weeks I created this protocol for myself that I healed at 10 years of having trouble with my skin and then also in about one or two months I added about 215 pounds to my deadlift and it was because of how much more energy I was having at through hacking my own biology. And so then it got me excited and I start sharing it with everyone else.

Dr. Veronica: So well you also talked about helping your parents what were your parents-?

Arvin: Yeah absolutely. So another thing I think another thing that was really a big influence in my life was just seeing my past so my dad actually to this day he functions on six cups of coffee. That’s a lot of caffeine and every day and I was just not kind of person that I would say hey I’m going to be dependent on the stimulant or just say that’s the kind of performance that I want to have on a daily basis. I wanted more, I wanted more and I didn’t want to go on six cups of coffee. So that was a big deal for me to just think is there a way to change my biology in such a way that I can actually function past 3:00PM slump?

That was that was a big deal for me to just say hey I really need to get this right because this is really affecting my dad and my mom had trouble with her weight and that was another thing for me to just say, hey obviously there are some difficulties for people losing weight. So my mom I swear tried for 10 years 11 years and she wasn’t getting results that she wanted and so obviously it was just the information just knowing, hey exercise more eat less then everyone would be getting the results. So maybe if there was something more to it at least for some people and again that was another spark for me to just say hey what is it so special about changing our biology so that we can customize it and get the results that we want to get in health and fitness.

Dr. Veronica: Yes I think it’s so important because you talked about how are you going to get past the three o’clock slump, so somebody like me trained in functional medicine is like is cortisol always a problems. For someone like your mother it’s like, okay well let me see if I can look at her I can figure out which of her hormones are imbalanced then all you have to do is balance them back. I’m talking about balancing them back not using pharmaceuticals or exercise or something like that but by using the right foods and the right oils and the right kind of exercise for your particular body types.

But if you don’t address those issues like you’re saying, so maybe there’s something about your biology that predisposes you to the cortisol slump, the three o’clock slump and so many people have that. They’re stressed but some people can go through stress and not have that problem and other people are completely wiped out. So tell us about what did you do for the three o’clock slump?

Arvin: Oh yes so that one is a big one, I created this product called- that I’m actually sharing here with you guys, so basically really looking into see what are some energy vampires that we have in our lives and then get rid of them and then what are some routines that we have to energize ourselves. So let’s say if it’s I have this breathing technique that I can actually share with you guys. It’s called 51510, it’s just based on how many times you breathe and then I’ll share that in a little bit and then the other thing is said lifestyle, so what is your diet, what are you doing on a daily basis.

So those were the three pillars if you want to call that and from that space I realized I was like okay, so I really want to be able to function not only just past 3:00PM until let’s say 5:00PM. I want to have the same amount of energy until you know the time that I’m going to bed, like maybe about an hour before that, so about like 9:00PM. So I looked in to every single thing about my body, I start actually learning more about my hormones, you were talking about hormones just say hey what’s my cortisol looking let’s say like early in the morning and then maybe later in the night.

Is it actually doing the path that it is supposed to do, so is it really high, let’s say 6:00 to 8:00AM so around I don’t know 10 to 20 maybe if you do it blood from blood and then maybe drive before bed is it going to be less than five. Again if you take it from blood and take the measurements from blood. That was one of my things then just say hey what are some routines I can implement in my daily routine. So be it let’s say exercising first thing in the morning, be it increasing the exogenous ketones or endogenous ketones in my body.

Doing different things and just figuring out, okay is this working with my body or not and then really go from there. So there was like I think it was- you’re a functional med person so it was a holistic way of looking at it not just say, hey what are some nootropics I can take at 3:00PM so they can just take me all the way to 10:00PM.

Dr. Veronica: Okay so what did you- let’s talk about actually what you did. Give us exactly what you did.

Arvin: Yeah, yeah it’s a lot, sure. So for me I realized I was like okay if I sleep really well and if I improve the quality of sleep that I’m having then I’m going to have more energy throughout the day. That was just like a simple thing that I was just, okay so that makes sense, right. Then I thought okay so what are some things that are actually again going back to that three things, the energy vampires. What are some things that are affecting my sleep right now?

So is it the blue light that I’m getting from the screen, is it the intensity of light. Let’s say past 5:00PM what is the intensity of light that I want to have around me, like let’s say in my bedroom everywhere I go. What kind of, what wavelength of light I want to get past 5:00PM, that’s actually really creating the same I guess rhythm for my body as if it was let’s say thousands years ago because right now is so different. You get blue light from the laptop which is about, I want to say about 2,300 Kelvin temperature which is almost creating the same environment as you being under the sun, except you have it let’s say at 8:00PM which is the time that you don’t have the sun in front of you, you don’t get the sun exposure. And so that is going to actually decrease the melatonin production.

So every single thing I looked at to just see what are some things that are actually affecting my cortisol level to be high at night, what are some things that are improving my melatonin or what are some things that would decrease my melatonin and then I would get rid of them. So there was blue light, it was EMF exposure, it was the toxins that I was having around me and then what else and then yeah again like doing more testing and just to see hey what are some-

For example I went on ketogenic diet and then I found myself in about three months into it, I would wake up 3:00AM in the morning and I was like oh that’s weird this is not helping and then so I looked into it and it was my cortisol would shoot up at about 3:00AM because I was so low on carb and then so I thought okay well then I know. I’m just going to add a little bit more carbs to my diet on a daily basis and train my insulin so I can have about say 60 to 70 grams of carbs and still be in a ketogenic diet.

Dr. Veronica: It is interesting you talk about ketogenic diet because the ketogenic diet is all the rage right now. But you have to understand how to use it properly which is- so people just go and they think I’m not going to be eating carbs and this is how I’m going to do it and that’s it. And it’s a little bit more nuanced than that which is as you found out because you’re following all these different things.

What about so many others the ketogenic diet we know is particularly good for the brain when done a particular way and there’s a particular protocol that works it’s not just not eating courses, a protocol that works but what other things that you add in to you’re eating. Like one of something that I recommend to people a lot are MCT oils and you know extra fish oil, extra DHA. So what else did you discover?

Arvin: Yeah absolutely and by the way I have this thing called a routine report I publish every month where I list every supplements, every routines, everything I even- let’s say every bio-hacking devices that even touch it’s going to be listed there and with the dates with how much supplements. So it’s a full on report because I want to have transparency with people, just say hey I actually lived this life.

To answer your question what foods that I was, I guess I was having that really changed for me. I realize, okay so just not having a lot of- because I was actually on a lot of grains, about two years ago a lot, a lot I thought that was a good idea and so a lot of grains a lot of sugar. Actually not a lot of sugar but a lot of grains but some sugar and then so I cut that and that already actually improved my sleep, because of how my blood sugar wasn’t stable so I wouldn’t wake up because of that.

Then other things that I added into my diet I’m trying to think well I haven’t done this I heard as far as diet, garlic is actually not that amazing for sleep quality. So if you have it lets say in the evening, I heard that’s not- like from the clients I heard that that’s not that’s not serving them but it could just be something to do with their biology, I’m not sure. I’m trying to think what else I’ve done in- so I do exogenous ketones, I do keto kena, I do MCT oil, I do coconut oil. In fact every day I start my day with having coconut oil butter and dark chocolate.

Dr. Veronica: Wow people love that dark chocolate one.

Arvin: Yes 100% dark chocolate, so it’s a little bit better but when you actually make it with the coconut oil its taste amazing. I literally have people just making videos on my group just saying this was the best thing they’ve have. So I would totally recommend trying it out, just having coconut oil butter, hopefully grass fed butter and then-

Dr. Veronica: Not hopefully it has to be grass fed. We want to talk about that for a second. Let me just you know I like to tell people we say butter, no grass fed butter is important. Why is that important because cows that are eating grains means you are eating the grains and so if you want the result you want to make sure that animal that you are eating is eating what you want in your body, because the animals are what you eat and you are what you eat. So it must be grass fed butter nothing else.

Arvin: Noted.

Dr. Veronica: I just want to stress that because a lot of people think, okay the other thing that’s on the rage right now is people becoming bigger. So I heard a lady say to me yesterday she was trying to control her diabetes and you know I became diabetic and I cut out meat. And I’m like saying okay, I wasn’t commenting on it because she was just giving me some information but cutting out meat in itself isn’t going to do it, okay you’re eaten a whole lot of yucky chicken?

No if you eat grass fed beef it’s better than eating that yucky chicken that you are eating. So there’s a lot of preconceived, why do I say chicken is yucky, just because of the way it’s raised it’s not eating and getting what you need to put in your body and that’s why you’re having problems. So if you think I’m going to cut out red meat and be good, no don’t cut out red meat put in grass fed meat. If you want to drink milk get rid of casein A milk and drink casein B milk which is made by other animals other than cows.

So there’s this little “hacks” that the reason why people are having problems is because they’ve gone to Dr. Google and decided they’re going to try the latest and greatest and as you did, you did ketogenic and there were some tweaks that you need to make about that ketogenic. Very common for people to eat a lot of greens and then on top of it not only grains, whole grains which are worse than eating the refined ones because of the lectin and people don’t know that. So a little education piece in-

Arvin: Of course, I love it.

Dr. Veronica: -people doing wrong and can’t figure out, well I tried everything and then when you actually do a food diary and start asking questions you can see every single step of the way where yes you did to the best of your ability but you didn’t have this piece of knowledge which meant that the implementation was not correct so therefore no results.

So genetics, let’s talk a moment about genetics, we were off here talking about this, what if genetics play a role because a lot of people say well everybody in my family has it, my genes have it. I know that I have an APOE4 gene, you know what that is that’s a gene associated with Alzheimer’s, in addition Alzheimer’s they know what happens in the European population but if you look at populations they also show that people who are African-Americans have the worst outcomes get more [Indiscernible 00:18:54], so I should be worried, right or wrong. Should I be worried, I’m not worried but I’m not worried because I know enough about bio-hacking.

So let’s talk about genes in this whole thing, some people think their genes are destiny and your genes are not your destiny. You can turn on and off genes but also if you have particular genes there are certain things that won’t works for you and you have to be careful. So tell us about you know there’s a big hack that we talked about that people who use this substance, tell us about that substance and what it is and the problem with it.

Arvin: Yeah absolutely, so just before we go on the genetics I just want to say something that you said about the grass fed is that is that even when people let’s say they go after grass fed meat, there is grass fed and then there is grass fed that finished as well. So you want to get into details there are some people they just say hey this is grass fed and I’m just like wait is it grass fed finished as well and then they’re like no. So at the end or like somewhere in between they were just fed grains. So I think that’s a little details that it just keeps getting I guess people keep starting gaming this to I guess the warning, so you want to be really clear on what grass fed means for them as well.

Then going back to genetics totally different topic. Okay genetics I found that to be fascinating because there’s just so much, obviously there are about 10, I think it’s about 10 million snips, the single new [Indiscernible 00:20:40] so just means whatever it is it changing the DNA just based on time based on exposure it is a mutation whatever that is. That’s not the important part, the important part is that there’s just so many combinations of genes and also the way the genes are expressed and so we can get it so much info and it can be overwhelming.

So I found some people they stay away from actually getting their genetics done and just talking a little bit about it because they just think well what am I going to do with it, it’s just going to be aromic and I think there are definitely some genes that are more establish. So you talked about the APOE4 gene that one is definitely more established. So then that’s the one that you can actually say, hey now that I know about this gene what are some things I want to change about my routine.

So maybe I really want to be mindful of the routines that I’m having around let’s say my brain chemistry or what- like you know how much I’m hurting my brain cells like am I drinking alcohol every day, am I staying up all night every day. How am I going to treat my body is just going to be a little bit different based on the information we have. Sometimes I understand why sometimes people don’t want to know because they have to actually make changes. That’s the- I guess that’s the context of it and then what we can do with it and the substance that you were talking about.

So there are so many different substances that- I mean even so if it’s stimulant nootropics or even if it’s medications you can actually see how your body would do toward that medication or whatever stimulant of substance it is and I guess another difficult part is that if you actually see let’s say you see one gene saying, hey you’re going to do really bad on this medication, another gene saying, hey you’ve got to do really well, so eat this don’t eat this, you get conflict advises on your genetic reports.

So again it’s really going back in to just say hey what are some genes and snips that have been extensively studied and it’s been established and really just focus on those and maybe if we have time you know we can go on to other ones. One for particular is modafinil, so modafinil in the bio-hacking community especially is a really hyped up thing right now where people just want to especially in the tech industry where people you know programming in front of a computer all the time, they want to get that stimulus and get ahead of the person sitting next to them in the cubicle. And it’s a really big deal to be able to just get everything done, right, that’s the mentality I want to get everything done, I want to get it done more than the person sitting next to me.

So you take modafinil and by the way I’m not saying people should take modafinil. So you take the modafinil and then it just places you in a simulated state and I mean I’ve tried in fact I’ve tried modafinil, krolia endeson so many different nootropics to just see what are the effects on my body and I think going back to genetics is that let’s say for modafinil you can actually see there’s this gene called CAMT gene and based on that gene we usually three- we are categorizing into three different I guess people. One is the worrier, so you worry and the other one is the warrior-

Dr. Veronica: Warrior like fight, fight.

Arvin: Exactly yeah and then the other one is I think it’s unusual one that’s not that exciting but the worrier one the one that you worry a lot you’re going to be- I’m going to say it’s your low expression you have low expression of CAMT gene and then the dopamine is higher usually, so typically you have high dopamine and if you take modafinil you’re going to have absolutely no response to that nootropics and it’s really important to just see hey what are like actually looking into these stuff before- I mean obviously you know you save more time you save more money and then sometimes it’s also you have reactions that are not pleasant to different drugs and different nootropic or new supplements.

You can actually see let’s say for vitamin D, there is a gene for that just to see how, based on that gene you can see if you let’s say take a little bit more than the usual vitamin D which I see some people do. Then you may have a more exaggerated reaction to vitamin D toxicity in your body. So it’s just so fascinating and just say, hey I should made this low huge sheet wrote down every single gene that I know I want to be mindful of and then every single gene and then there were like shapes of different parts of my body. So I pray you know God and different things and then I would just say so what are some things I want to be mindful of. So there is this whole page of everything I know about my body and then I want to make decisions based on looking at this not just say-

Dr. Veronica: Let me stop you there because an average every day persons is listening to this and saying well I’m not going to have a big sheet of paper with 1500 things on them and be mindful of every second because if I have to be mindful of it every second I rather just jump off a bridge and end it all. Some people are not going to really do it. So what about for every man or every woman that just wants to get some results, what would you recommend because we’re not going to going to go although we want to “hack it” most people just think about it we’re just not going to do the work. Now maybe we’re not going to do the work but a lot of people it’s got to be simple which is why Weight Watchers is so popular, you just got to count a few points and you can’t do everything else otherwise.

Arvin: Yeah absolutely.

Dr. Veronica: Not very effective either totally but, so can you give us something simplified for-

Arvin: Yeah, I would say actually I love that, I love to simplification I think when I get out on things I do not simplify things but I think simplification really works for people and it really works for me as well. So genes that people I think want to really look into are CAMT gene there is the APOE4 gene, there MTFHR gene, these are also well established and well-studied and I think the total amount of genes that they actually want to look into to just to see what status for them are probably about 10 of them.

Again MTFHR gene is another one that is going to be responsible for how easily folic acid is converted into fully in our bodies. So the application of it is that hey what if let’s say someone, so I see a lot let’s say pregnant women are just placed on, they give them the folic acid, a lot of folic acid, right. So if you know that that’s the status of the gene that’s going to make a huge difference on how much supplements they taking or how much what they’re taking.

So I guess really displaying it down and just see what’s important, I would say really figure out one goal let’s say someone who just wants to be really good athletically, then there is a bunch of genes for that. Let’s say there’s a gene for you actually figuring out whether you should be doing endurance or sprint and really just- especially if you’re not someone who is a world champion in either industry then I would really take that on and just say, let’s say endurance then I would take that on, just say hey I’m going to do endurance from that point on because that’s going to be more customized toward our body and it’s going to place less stress on our body, we’re going to get better results we’re going to be happier.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah, well I think that’s important also because people just think oh I’m going to go the gym I’m going to do the machine whatever and that’s not the right exercise for everybody. So for instance I know from you can get genetic testing easy with 23andMe and from just getting back my 23andMe report and then putting it in a program that helps you decipher what to do lifestyle, I don’t know my genetic types that I need 60 minutes of vigorous exercise in the morning, 60 minutes that’s what my genetic type calls for.

I also know you know we’re talking about the APOE gene, APOE4 gene which is associated with Alzheimer’s I’m also thinking that you know there are people who okay genetically I am 89% from sub-Saharan Africa, but they also know that in African countries where there’s less hygiene there’s less Alzheimer’s. So the more sterile environment you live in the higher likelihood is that you’re going to have Alzheimer’s.

So when my husband goes back to Africa I go back with him so I can get all populated with some of the stuff that maybe which is hard on my body, very hard on my body. But I’m saying there’s so many more triggers than just that my genetic clone says one thing or another and when you’re looking at here is the percentage of people who get this, they also don’t know why those group of people get it and so I’m looking and I’m sitting in a group where the rate of getting Alzheimer’s is higher than the normal population and higher than the Caucasian American population but they also acknowledge that.

Well that may be because of co-morbidities which it likely is, co-morbidities meaning high blood pressure and diabetes and all these other diseases. It also affects how you think. So we know now that type three diabetes neurotoxicity is associated with Alzheimer’s. Why is it type three diabetes because type two diabetes which is a sugar disease, neurotoxicity based on glucose and if you have these populations that have a higher incidence then that means all the diseases that go along with this are going to be higher incidence too.

So I look at that and I say, okay why have the gene it just means that you know what I may just need to make sure that unlike Mommy and Daddy I keep myself with my blood sugar good. So the idea is to be armed with the information so that you know let me figure out how to keep it off rather than turn it on. Now if you don’t want to know you don’t want to do anything, this is about people who want to take action because if you don’t want to take action you are just like- I have a client who I told her what to do while she was traveling and I noticed that she chose not to do it. If you’re person who says I don’t want to worry about it, you’re going to have poor results.

Arvin: Yeah absolutely and I like what you were saying I think that just reminded me of something you said about you know you looked into okay so that gene was studied let’s say in the African-American population or whatever population it was studied and I think that’s really, that’s the detail that I think is so important that when it comes to let’s say people actually spreading information is that they say something that was studied let’s say in China and then they would just say, hey everyone should do it and it’s like not really, no so different.

They have different genes they have different expression of those genes and then going back to the consumer who is just say, hey just tell me what to do and I guess the ones that are telling you what, you know they’re wanting you to give them information some actually just don’t want to do it of course as you were saying, right, they get poor results. The ones that actually want the information yet there are definitely things that they can- I think genetic on its own is an incomplete picture. I want to really emphasize that because let’s say you know you talked about the APOE4 gene that’s also a responsible for metabolizing fat in our body. But there are also so many other genes that are responsible for metabolizing fats.

So even let’s say MTFHR gene that’s also going to be responsible for the detox of our body. So it can actually play a role in directly into that too, so then should just someone just see because I see also on 23andMe they take one gene and then they tell you would do poorly on this diet and I’m just like wait like you only took one thing from this and you didn’t look into what other things this person is experiencing, you just have information about genes.

So then I think what I love about really looking into the complete picture is that hey let’s say I know about myself that I don’t want to- let’s say I’m really tired at 1:00PM, I would want to have my caffeine based on my genes or how quickly I metabolize caffeine, I would want to have my caffeine right around 12:01 and then not any later than that because then if I’m really metabolizing it really slowly I’m going to not be able to sleep at night.

Let’s say I don’t know I have clients who actually have trouble if they eat they take caffeine at let’s say 2:00PM they can’t sleep at 10:00PM because it just takes such a long time for them to metabolize it and to get it flushed out of system. So there is a gene for that they can actually look for it and I think 23anMe even the simple one they give you, they give you that information they tell you, hey are you good metabolize of caffeine or not. Because typically it takes about five hours to about eight hours for about 200 milligrams of caffeine to be flushed out of our system.

So then based on our genes that’s going to be different, we maybe five hours maybe or maybe eight hours and that’s just the role our genes play. I think at the very beginning you say something about is the genes going to be determining our life and no she’s not going to determine our life. I think we have such a big role even if we have the genes let’s say- again I keep going back to what you said the APOE4 gene, someone may just say hey that’s it, like I’m done you know I’m not going to do anything if I have this.

Dr. Veronica: Well you know it’s interesting because before it was already always on my report and I didn’t pay attention and you know on 23ME they have you know they want you to do different types of experimental testing that they have on the computer and every once in a while I go and do a little bit more because I’d like to contribute to research. So I went and you guys are not going to find this surprising when I said I was doing the brain, how fast your brain operates testing, they have some of that. Okay so I decided well okay I’ll do this I want to see how fast my brain really does.

So obviously when I got the results back in which they give you feedback immediately. My brain was operating much faster than average, so how at risk am I necessarily if I do the right things because already I am significantly above age matched peers which I don’t know how much that means because a lot of time- Now I’m the kind of person that you may feel like this too, you know I know people are going to listen and say oh my God a lot of times I have to breath to be patient because I feel like the world is going on backwards. Not only going forward slowly but backwards because things are just happening in slow, slow, slow, slow pace motion to me. That’s how I feel walking around in the world where it is difficult for me to sit and be patient and wait. I’m sure you understand that.

Arvin: That’s funny you wouldn’t do well on stimulants then.

Dr. Veronica: Oh my gosh no, and interestingly one of my sons was on a stimulant because they said he had ADD at a point and all like he became energized body, he was- oh my God I was just like but on other side I notice that things like caffeine have the opposite effect, it calm him down. So all these drugs there’s a field called pharmacogenetics which is almost to me now it should be standard that they check some of this up. There are major drugs that we use that we understand genetically in some populations they can be lethal and now we don’t do pharmacogenetics standardly.

So when people have a really bad adverse event with a drug, it could be that they’re pharmacogenetics their genetics for that drug are what’s causing the event. [Indiscernible 00:39:52] we do know now but it’s not standard of care. So a lot of people are getting sick and dying from medicines when we have the answers at our fingertips but we’re just not using it. So that’s why when people go to take some drugs they ought to be aware and so I’m telling you about my family the stimulant energizer bunny, the other stimulant that people commonly used relaxation and that’s not what you would expect based on what the package inserts to this.

Arvin: Yeah that’s fascinating for me especially in the area for sleep is that in you know that’s why I really like about customizing everything to each person as opposed to just say, hey there’s this whole lifestyle that everyone should follow. That’s so important to know, hey this is how you’re doing on caffeine because- so I talked a little bit earlier on about blue light and how blue light actually lowering our cortisol, actually elevating our cortisol and then lowering our melatonin at night, so past 5:00.

So they’re actually a third of people who can get blue light at night and their sleep is going to be better and there is no explanation for it, we have no idea and that’s a detail. I don’t share it everywhere because people get confused. But I think it’s so important just say, hey could totally be the case for someone who gets blue light at night and by the way I keep saying light, let me explain what blue light is. It’s the light that you get from the screen, let’s say from your phone, from your laptop from your projector it’s a specific wavelength of light and when we get it without the red light which would be the sun.

So when we look at the sun, we see some white light and it has red light, it had blue light as well. But if we let’s look at our screen, it has only blue light it doesn’t have the red light and that’s why it’s harmful. And so it could totally be the case like every person could do differently on different substances, medication, light and then it’s good to know what the I guess typical reaction is and then really looking to just say hey what about my body, how am I doing on caffeine.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah there’s even other pieces I mean we’re talking about you know food and supplements the whole other area of energetics body bio-field and bioenergetics that people don’t typically talk about because it’s invisible and it’s physics and whenever you say physics people just shut off their brains. But it- and it’s giving information to your body, so a lot of people may be having interference with their body with these invisible stuff like the electromagnetic fields that is coming from things like phones.

So might not just be blue light there could be other physics that is going on it’s causing a problem with your body and blockages in your body that make it impossible for you to get well unless you address those bodies field images. So I noticed in myself it’s that you know people know I’m living part time one place and part time in Manhattan. I noticed you know what when I’m in Manhattan I don’t sleep as well, what’s going on here. I mean when I’m in Pennsylvania I’m good but soon as I step into Manhattan and I’m in my house in my bed I’m not sleeping as well, what’s going on and I really think it’s because of all the electromagnetic frequencies stuffs that are going around that are causing interruptions in sleep which is why New York is so hyper crazy.

So it’s not simply what foods do I eat or don’t eat and what food you eat and don’t eat metabolize in a particular way is going to be particular to you. So for instance there was a study where they checked diabetics and they checked them more potatoes and they checked them on bananas and saw what their insulin response was. Then reach the groups around checked it again and they notice that some people had insulin spikes from potatoes and not from bananas and vice versa. So you if you say everybody you shouldn’t eat potatoes and bananas because they’re going to cause insulin spikes, that’s not necessarily the right answer, you see what I’m saying, people have to understand, right.

But on the other side when we’re talking about this what are we doing in functional medicine, what do you do when you work with clients is if we’re able to help people put this knowledge that people read on the University of Facebook into action so that you can live your life and to give you step by step and guide you. So we’re talking about the gibberish here but I talk gibberish because what I want you to do if you don’t want me to help you, get Arvin to help you, you see what I’m saying.

Get somebody to help you who really knows their stuff so they recognize it and they can say oh you’re having like we’re talking here about cortisol and you’re saying cortisol what’s going on with that. Okay that’s the belly fat hormone and if you got belly fat one of your problems is cortisol. Then you have to figure out there is 8 or 10 different cortisol curve patterns and when we think about which cortisol pattern you have that’s going to dictate what you have to do to be able to get your body back in balance.

But all the patterns will make you have belly fat, okay. We have to figure out which pattern is, so we got 10 patterns all lead to belly fat it can be high it can be low it looks like a zigzag. What happens is once we see what that pattern is then we get what are the lifestyle modifications you should do. Whether the supplements that are going to work for that based on the pattern.

Arvin: Yeah I love it and going into making it actionable I think you know some people probably just heard maybe blue light for the first time or you talked about EMF, electromagnetic frequency for the first time and they’re freaking out now they’re just say oh my God you know New York City is just such a mess and actually I think our mutual friend Connie, she moved out of New York City because of it. So totally that’s the case and I just had recently, so we had someone come in with it’s called the cornet device, it measures EMF.

We actually went around our house and measured every single thing so they put it next to our microwave, they put it next to our let’s say TV, router and I am actually really far from the corner of this room but there is a router here temporarily in the corner of this room. When I’m sitting here this cornet was showing such a high reading it was disgusting, I mean I was just like oh my God like that’s how high of the magnetic field is created by this router even though I’m that far away from it.

Dr. Veronica: Now what did you do what about that?

Arvin: Yeah good one, so you buy, making it actionable, right. So you buy this thing called a modem, wait it’s called a router and guard box and you place your router inside it or there are even better things that I’m going to do with this place is actually get Ethernet cable everywhere and then turn the Wi-Fi off and then if you can’t do that at least turn the Wi-Fi off at least during the time you are sleeping because you can do that you’re not going to use the Wi-Fi. The other thing we talked about-

Dr. Veronica: Let me give another tip about that because there’s a company called Safe Connect that make little devices that you can put on all these equipment and plug in to your house and so what I have done is I have a little safe connect on my computer on my iPad on my phone on my routers and then there’s a plugin that I plugged into each level of my house to diffuse this and then I have to- my New York place somehow because-

I have a router in my bedroom in Pennsylvania it doesn’t bother me but I have everything safe connected. Even get these safe connect impendent and bracelets so you can put them on your body. So today I’m sitting in my office and there is Wi-Fi all over the place, so technically I’m not protected to say the same way as in my house but you can get jewelry that’s actually pretty that you can where to protect you against these types of electromagnetic frequency waves.

Arvin: I would be curious to see, did you measure to see if it those safe connects because I have it actually here, but did you measure to see if the safe connect actually produces EMF or it doesn’t?

Dr. Veronica: You know I did not measure I don’t know the answer to that. But I feel better.

Arvin: Okay that’s amazing.

[Crosstalk 00:49:39]

Dr. Veronica: Even if the placebo of that is good.

Arvin: Exactly I love it so I’m so CAMT gene actually is responsible for the placebo effect as well, so if you lower in CAMT gene I guess if it’s down regulated, that just means that placebo effect works for you which is perfect. I mean it’s amazing I wish all the placebo things work on me, if something works for me I’m like yes sure thank you so much right, it’s perfect. I really think that’s like a thing to just look into that for the EMF as you are doing already because you know for your bedroom for everywhere you are. Especially if you’re in an area where it’s a metropolitan city and so many things going on.

In Vancouver there’s this website actually everywhere there’s this website you can go, I think it’s called antennasearch.com. You can find out where the cell towers are, are they close to your house or they not. You can’t obviously move the cell towers but you can do certain things to really minimize the effects the cell towers are having. The antenna you got to remove them, the smart meters you don’t want to have the smart meters at your house. I know some of our friends they actually put a tag on it like you know do not install small smart meters.

But if that’s already past that stage where you have to have the smart meter then I would place three layers of aluminum foil around the smart meter. We actually measured that, that showed to have actually most of the EMF captured within that area.

So there’s a plethora of things people can do. And I would just say I always like you know start with one. So you hear today I’m talking about the EMF, there is VMS so at least now you know like let’s say at least shut the circuit off maybe at night and if you think you’re going to forget it there’s a timer for it you can actually plug it into, you can buy it from Wal-Mart I think five bucks. You can plug it into your outlet and it shuts that outlet off, let’s say at 10:00PM.

Dr. Veronica: I need that.

Arvin: It’s so perfect.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah I need one of those I’m figuring out. Importance of doing this podcast is to raise awareness that number one it’s not as simple as you’d like to make it, but there is hope and help. But the hope is there are small steps that you can take and some of then we have given here. Here are some small steps you can take like you can get the box that goes around and you can get these little things. So to be able to, there’s actionable steps and as we talked about here there’s not one right diet and even if you’re doing a particular eating protocol I like to call it strategic eating as opposed to diet.

So I do strategic eating, strategic because it’s going to work right for our particular body but what works right for Arvin is not going to be right for Veronica. But some of them maybe similarities, there may be similarities for particular reasons. So for instance if you have a brain injury so I got to really watch out for my brain because brain injury plus the gene could mean you know a super bad outcome but it’s not going to have a bad outcome and I think they should study people like me personally and study people like you.

See what we do now is a lot of times we study sick people but what we really must do is study brought well people and study well people who have sick parents to figure out why are they well and these two are sick. Because a lot of people come from families that are sick and they are well and stay well. And we should also be studying the lady who’s 117 in Jamaica with a son who is 97. Because she is in a third world country where health care is not like it is in the US and yet she’s lived to 117 and her son has lived to 97. How did that happen we need to study that versus just studying sick people?

Arvin: Exactly I love it.

Dr. Veronica: Let’s study how people stay well versus how people stay sick, how people get sick and what pharmaceuticals going to work with them. So of course I would like people who are sick to have hope and if they are cutely there needs to be pharmaceuticals, but once you get to the- and you are above water you have to figure out well what do I do to reverse that negativity and people can reverse cancer reverse diabetes, reverse MS, reverse Alzheimer’s, it has all been done now and so therefore this is to give hope that there are people who know what to do to help you get results in your life. So Arvin I got to give your website again, hackmybiology.com. Arvin Khamseh.

Arvin: Yes you got it right.

Dr. Veronica: Khamseh hackmybiology.com. So thank you so much.

Arvin: You got it, that you so much for having me.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life, visit drveronica.com. See you all next week, take care.



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