91: Rebuild Your Body through Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy – Dr. Veronica Anderson

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Podcast

“Any cellular problem can be treated with PEMF”

 Dr. William Pawluk 

Dr. William Pawluk is a former family physician who transitioned to holistic medicine and treatments. After seeing his patients suffer from stomach bleeding, where one actually died, he realized something completely wrong with traditional medicine. Now, he is considered the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.

During the episode, Dr. Pawluk explains the science behind PEMF therapy and how it works wonders in the person’s body. He further explains how electromagnetic therapy rebuilds the body on a cellular level. He shares exceptional stories about people with impossible conditions who were completely healed through PEMF treatment. Listen in and discover the deeper solutions to your health issues – be it physical or emotional.

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91: Show Notes


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Time Stamps:

01:53 – How he got into Holistic Medicine

04:24 – Magnetic vs. Acupuncture Treatment

07:14 – What do PEMF do?

08:45 – The Physics of Magnetic Fields and how it works

13:14 – Faster and quicker way to heal

17:00 – Energetic, Physiologic, Pathophysiologic, and Pathologic

20:01 – 3 layers of doctors

22:59 – Different kinds of healers

28:03 – Electrical Stimulation vs. PEMF

32:02 – Other conditions improved by this therapy

33:08 – Neurological healing

35:44 – Emotional healing

36:46 – Electromagnetic Field Therapy vs. Placebo Effect


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast.

Dr. Veronica: Glad you’re joining again to the wellness revolution. Dr. Veronica here and I have with me today a gentleman who was a physician, a family physician who now concentrates specifically on holistic medicine, holistic treatments and electromagnetic frequency treatments and you say, well what is that? You know I tell you about being a medical intuitive and really people’s energy and bio energetics and all that.

That’s error three medicines, error one pharmaceuticals and surgery. Error two lifestyle medicine strategic eating targeted supplements mindful list. Error three it is your energy field and your energy field gives the information to your body as to what to do, so this is very important.

So Dr. William Pawluk has been on the faculty of Hopkins, Johns Hopkins one of the best medical schools in the world, Rutgers been on Dr. Oz and today he’s on the wellness revolution with me. I met this gentlemen and I was like oh my gosh, I just started using pulse electromagnetic frequency and I got this amazing result immediately, immediately. So I want to know about this Dr. Pawluk, welcome to the wellness revolution.

Dr. Pawluk: Well thank you so very much for having me on the show, I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Veronica: Yes and so let’s talk a little bit jump right in about your background. You went from being a family physician and you still are, we are always our primary where we started. But now you’re concentrating specifically on holistic treatments and pulse electromagnetic therapy. What was your moment where you say I got to do it with different?

Dr. Pawluk: That’s a really good question actually is very compelling and very important. While I was a family physician I was actually running a medical group of about 14 family doctors in New Jersey. Was the biggest medical group of family physicians on the whole East Coast of the US at the time and that was 1974. And after the second or third admission to the hospital for GI pleading from nasty steroidal inflammatory, ibuprofen. And one person died and that was not in my group there was one person on the floor who actually died from that problem. I said this is insanity this is absolute craziness. What’s the definition of insanity, doing the same over and over ageing, right?

Dr. Veronica: Insane is doing the same thing over and over again. But you talk in 1974 and we’re still doing that stuff today.

Dr. Pawluk: Now we’re still are doing that stuff today. Talk about phase water level one medicine, stage one medicine. So I said I told myself this is stupid this is really unconscionable as a physician, is definitely not honorable. And when I looked around at my peers and I said does anybody else have a better solution for pain management than that and I said no, nobody does. So I said I got to go outside the house of medicine I said because that doesn’t have a solution. Not a safe solution not a nontoxic solution not, a use useful solution, not an inexpensive solution and not a solution that you can do at home on your own.

So I started to study acupuncture, I said well you can’t fool a billion Chinese for three thousand years got to be something in acupuncture. So I knew that and I talk to my peers about it. I don’t ask permission, I’m not even going to ask forgiveness. I’m just going to go and learn it, right and then I’ll see what that can do because obviously we don’t have solutions. So I discovered as I was learning acupuncture, that was 1990 that I started doing acupuncture, my research and studies in acupuncture and nobody wanted acupuncture. They put their hands up no, no, no acupuncture, no needles, no needles.

So I said well I got to find some other solution but needles because at that time Madonna had not had acupuncture yet. Right it hasn’t got that public, sort of that public. So I discovered in the Orient actually they were using magnets on acupuncture points and I dug into it I discovered there are people who are selling magnets. I got a bunch of magnets I worked with them for a while, went back to the science went back to the research about what’s going on what is this doing in the body. And low and behold it worked actually as good as or better than acupuncture.

Now why, acupuncture move the energy in the body through the meridian system and through the points. But the difference between a magnet and an acupuncture point or an acupuncture treatment, needle treatment. Is it not only treats the acupuncture point like a needle does maybe not quite as strongly but at the same time the tissue under the magnet is getting individual cellular stimulation. So you’re doing individual tissue repair and at the same time spreading the energy out the meridian system. So that’s a beautiful idea.

As I started reviewing the science and the and the literature most of it was actually in Cyrillic. Most of it was in Russian or Eastern European or Chinese or Japanese or Korean or whatever. So really those very little science in the West. I went to a conference I was doing a lecture about magnetic field therapies and I met this guy from the Czech Republic, he’s MBPhD who got his PhD on magnetic therapies, electromagnetic therapies.

He had summarized a lot of that literature and he wrote a manuscript in what I call Czech English, so he was Czechoslovakian. So he gave me the manuscript, he said here said here you can have it. He translated 30 years of research in Eastern Europe on magnetic field therapy. So they had a randomized control trials that all kinds of control studies on electromagnetic field therapies. Bonanza an absolute bonanza. I now have over 30,000 abstracts on the effects of electromagnetic fields on biology. 30,000 that’s a huge literature already.

Dr. Veronica: So let me ask a question and maybe- I know the answer, the answer is there’s not billions of dollars to be made no hawking people and keeping them addicted to the drug and that’s the answer to this. But you’re talking 30,000 pieces of literature on this from around the world, a billion people and even more than a billion people who have been using acupuncture very effectively for thousands of years and you know  I love acupuncture. But the pulse electromagnetic frequency treatment is almost instantaneous. It was almost instantaneous to me and I was astounded myself and I mean I love science I love physics and I’m like how come none of us know about this when there’s so much literature about it.

Dr. Pawluk: As you said, money. Money and influence, it’s very hard to patent the PEMS system. But when you own a PEMS system you own it not have doctors, right. Doctors want you to keep coming back to them; acupuncturist wants you to keep coming back to them for their treatments. But if you have a magnetic system you pay $2,000 $3,000 $500 whatever the price happens to be the system you get, but you own it, you have a pennies per day treatment system for the rest of your life to treat anything basically.

Any cellular problem can be treated by with PEMS. It doesn’t matter what the problem is and then if you’re talking about energy, the amplification once you get a cell healthy it start to communicate to the cells around it, they start to talk to each other and organs are talking to organs and then you’re talking the whole body. You very, very rapidly amplified that energy into an entire system that rebalances the body.

Dr. Veronica: So let’s limit it down a little bit because I think people getting their head around what we’re talking about to be quite difficult and so you know I share with my audience I do work as a medical intuitive and what I say is how can I basically psychically read people’s energy and I explain so well everything in the world has an energy imprints and I’m just able to accurately assess that energy imprint and we all can do something like this. We’re all connected we all have energy imprints.

Illnesses have a particular imprint very predictable and because of all my background knowledge my soul journey I know what these energy imprints are very easily and I can assess them very, very accurately. So I set explain to people you talk about you have energy or energy is higher energy is low, well that’s not fake. Energy is really there but what I’m doing is giving it words, giving it a name. So explain to people how you would tell them and they can get their head around this energy that we’re talking about.

Dr. Pawluk: There’s another aspect of the actual physics of magnetic fields and how they work. Pulse magnetic fields in particular, static magnet or fridge magnet when you put on the body will have an influence in the area of the magnet. But it’s limited in terms of the physics in terms of the depth of the magnetic fields. So every electromagnetic phenomenon on the body goes through a process or has a process of the energy reducing itself as it moves away from the surface of the outer care. I call that radiation, we’re not talking about ionizing radiation we’re talking about non-ionizing.

So whether you’re listening to an ear bud, if you take the ear bud away from your ear and move further and further and further away the sound gets dimmer and dimmer and dimmer. That’s a rule of physics that’s called the inverse square law. Magnetic fields are a subject to that same law, so that’s one principle. Low frequency magnetic fields have extremely long wavelengths. That means that the wavelength goes right through the body, it does not stop in the body. Nothing in the body can stop a magnetic field, nothing. No bones no muscles no brain, nothing stops a magnetic field.

So the analogy is that it’s like the wind blowing in the trees. It only knows it’s there because the leaves are shaken. Right, you would know that if you don’t standing up the tree you wouldn’t know there was a wind there unless you felt it against your body and the reason you feel it against your body is your body offers resistance to it and we’re dense enough that the wind won’t go through us, but it does go through a tree. So imagine that cells of our bodies are actually like the leaves in a tree. Which there really are from a physics perspective, right?

Dr. Veronica: Yes.

Dr. Pawluk: More space than there is density. So the magnetic field goes right on through, as it’s passing through its stimulating the energy that the cells are producing. Every cell in the body as you said has a frequency, every cell in the body emanates a magnetic field of its own. Every atom every molecule has an electromagnetic field and when you add two atoms together then the magnetic field amplifies, when you add three the magnetic field even gets bigger and when you add an organ, the organ actually produce a pretty significant magnetic fields.

We now have instruments that can measure the magnetic fields of the brain and they are now being used to guides neurosurgical treatments for seizure disorders. They can map electromagnetically map a seizure focus that’s producing an electromagnetic field. So we know how it does this.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, so explain how this relates to sickness and health because that’s where we want to get, we’re working and saying big deal. We are talking about physics and trees and all that, big deals. How does this all relate to helping someone be well?

Dr. Pawluk: All right so obviously a cell that’s out of balance is not going to be producing an electromagnetic field of its own. That’s sufficiently strong it’s not a natural normal magnetic field. You take a sick cell and you put it next to a healthy cell and the healthy cells would actually be helping the sick because it’s got energy to be able to give to the sick cell. Unless the sick cell is so sick that you know can’t deal with that energy, can’t take it. We see this with human beings all the time.

But you know basically the magnetic field is stimulated the energy production in the body, it stimulates ATP. It stimulates the energy in the cells of the tissues; it not only increases the production of ATP but also helps the body to actually take the ATP and converted to energy. ATP without being converted to energy is nothing; it’s just sitting there waiting to be activated. So magnetic field is not already increased the amount of ATP they actually activate the ATP. Then they improve circulation, they reduce muscle specificity they reduce pain they enhance healing they stimulate RNA and DNA. There’s a whole host of reactions that happen in sick cells when you provide the cells with energy that they’re lacking and all a sudden they start to wake up and they start to heal.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, so let’s talk about- I had almost instantaneous results when you know I have a friend Dr. George Wallace who works with a particular type of technology that’s pulse electromagnetic frequency and what he calls metrics re-patterning. He found that I had a head injury. I actually had neurological defects that I wasn’t aware of. He showed me them then he put this pulse electromagnetic frequency instrument on different places of my body for a few maybe 30 seconds, 60 seconds and then he went back and checked the same reflexes and they were normal. So I went from having neurological defects and abnormal reflexes to normal within a matter of minutes. How does that happen?

Dr. Pawluk: Well it happens again because a patterning, it’s re-patterning. But you know it also depends on the instrumentation that you using to measure what’s wrong, what’s out of balance or out of whack. And so you could re-patterning somebody, I can re-patterning somebody by telling they’re beautiful they’re lovely they’re healthy they’re vibrant they’re intelligent. You can re-patterning somebody just by telling them that.

We see people’s energy levels dropping when you tell them that they’re stupid and that they’re worthless and so on. I’ve had this happen to me, you do muscle testing, right and then you’re doing that and the muscle that is pointed collapse on you and I was like shock myself. I have more control over my muscles than that but I was amazed that the muscle just drop like a rock. But then they fixed it just by telling me that I was actually a wonderful person that they were lying to me there was a mistake and bingo they came right back again.

Well that’s energetic re-patterning, but there’s a difference magnetic fields work at an energetic re-patterning level as well. But because they also work at the cell level repairing the RNA and the DNA, you can see an improvement in somebody’s arthritis. By giving them a painkiller, you can do a heat therapies, you can do massage therapy; you can do all sorts of things to get that shoulder moving again. But if you do an X-ray it’s no different.

So magnetic field therapy has been found actually to heal the lesion. Not just to improve the energy but actually heal lesion. But the healing takes a lot longer than energetic re-patterning, so symptoms can get better but then you have to keep applying the therapy or extended period of time to get down deep into the tissues to actually get a repair. Because you can supply the tissues energy, right, a cell has energy but then it has to stimulate RNA and DNA to fix itself, to rebuild itself that takes time, that doesn’t happen overnight.

So you and I can do all the wonderful work you can do for a fracture. A person feels better they have no pain, the swelling goes down very rapidly but how long does it take for the fracture to actually heal itself when you do X-rays?

Dr. Veronica: A while, yes.

Dr. Pawluk: A long time, months to years. They’re feeling better they thank you very much, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me but you do X-rays and they still not healed. Magnetic field therapy is actually found to heal a fractured often times. Healed the fracture not just improved symptoms it does that too but more importantly it actually gets the body back to more normal quicker. I’ll tell you I had a little daughter I had a little girl.

Dr. Veronica: I can just asked a question a follow up because what I also notice, you know I think it’s great when you have your own issues so you can try and to be like oh wow this is wonderful. I noticed that based on you know a lot of other treatments that I have sampled that this one seems to be sticky and so once it was corrected it doesn’t seem to be going back or drifting back. It seems to be more improvement, more improvement, more improvement and that’s different than anything else that I’ve ever experienced where you have to sort of like some temporary relief but you still seem to have a problem. I feel like faster, stronger better and this is amazing and I never knew I could be like this. Especially where you are taught that as you move on in the years you don’t heal this well you’re not going to be as good. I feel like oh my gosh I feel better than almost before, maybe I have this.

Dr. Pawluk: I developed a concept based on my studies and acupuncture, acupuncture has a concept they’re all different meridians are basically layered one on top of the other, there are 12 meridians and they basically start superficially and go deep. From a medical perspective when you think about it as a physician and you study physiology and pathology you realize and medicine doesn’t recognize the energetic level of things.

Dr. Veronica: Not traditional Western medicine, no not at all, zero.

Dr. Pawluk: Let’s say we talk about a cold, I talk in four levels energetic, physiologic, pathophysiological and pathologic. In my sort of concept because people ask me how long is it going to take for me to get better. I said it depends on the lesion. So the first thing you do, let’s say cold when you first started to get a cold you feel off. You know something’s coming you don’t know what it is because it hasn’t settled in your body but you don’t feel right, that’s energetic.

The next level is physiologic now you start to have a runny nose you have a bit of a fever you’re sneezing, right. Now it’s physiologic your body is reacting to the virus physiologically. And now the sputum or the mucus coming out or your nose is yellow or green and you have a sore sinuses you’re aching over your sinuses That’s pathophysiologic, now there’s damage to those tissues they’re not just physiologically reacting they’re damaged now and there’s a combination of physiological pathologic going on at the same time.

Eventually if it keeps going down and deeper and deeper and deeper into the body then you end up with pneumonia or bronchitis or pitismedia or mastoiditis or heaven forbid, encephalitis or meningitis, right. So that’s pathology that’s getting down really deep and now there’s a lot of damage. So when you’re talking about healing then healing at the energetic level is a piece of cake that’s when you can do meditation you can drink some nice green tea etc. You’ll feel better right away and it will probably stick because you caught it early.

Then but if it goes down to the physiological level you could still do what you did at the energetic level because there’s always still an energetic component even if it’s pathophysiological or physiologic. So each layer is going to take more time to reverse until finally get down to the pathological it is going to take a long time to reverse.

Dr. Veronica: Yes and so you know it’s beautiful because what I love about working on these energetic levels particularly if you can help people get improvement in whatever it is without the side effects contra indications all those happening to them and you know it’s like I’m like you know what, I feel cold coming on like you are talking energetic. I fell kind of off, my throat and one of my favorite modalities is homeopathic because I’m just like- And all of a sudden it’s like, okay whenever I start feeling like that within 12 hours I know I can nip it in blood and get rid of it very predictably.

And so what I have found about energetics especially in the hands where you start learning more and more what’s going on energetically which means a lot of times you have to suspend what you learned in medical school, you look at the energetics a little differently you’re able to help people very rapidly whereas before with traditional medicine it was us kind of a some more slow process.

Dr. Pawluk: Doctors are trained much more pathological level, at the pathophysiological level than they’re trained at the physiologic level at absolutely not energetic level. I describe three layers of doctors; doctors, physicians and healers. Anybody getting a degree whether it’s in a palmistry or astrophysics or theology and has a PhD, they’re a doctor. But are you at that level, you are basically a technician you have the knowledge you’ve learned how to be in that particular discipline, that’s a doctor level.

MD’s are no different at that doctor levels, they go to medical school they go to the laboratories they study the textbooks they do all the things that they’re taught to do. So they’re doctors technical at that point but I think good doctors, really good doctors who really are aware and have a conscience and really recognize how much little they actually know. Look at the person in front of them and saying this is a person this is not a molecule or a specialty or a drug, the absence of a drug, right, so this is a real person. That level I call the physician level.

But why do doctors go into medicine? Most doctors go into medicine because they want to help people not because their family were doctors, not because they want to get rich, most doctors go to medicine because they want to help people. But when you go to medical school is like going to boot camp.

Dr. Veronica: Marine boot camp for the Navy Seals is what it’s like.

Dr. Pawluk: Absolutely you get brainwashed into a way of thinking and that brainwashing that you kind of forget why you got there in the first place. So eventually in time as doctors mature as they practice and practice and practice they eventually begin to- I think some doctors actually remember why they went to medical school in the first place. At that point medicine is just a vehicle to do what you want to do which is what you’re doing. It’s just a vehicle, it’s one more modality that you’re used to do what you want to do to get a complete treatment program and that’s the healer, the healer will pray with you. The healer will give you an antibiotic, the healer will do surgery. The healer will do all those levels but not all doctors do all those levels.

Dr. Veronica: So we need to have more healers, it’s interesting because a lot of people these days give themselves the title of healers. It’s challenging sometimes for me because I meet a lot of people who call themselves healers, but they really don’t have any knowledge that’s so deep. What do you say about that because that sort of concerns me because I meet a lot of people like that who you start talking to them and they’re not at that level and it’s a little bit frightening to me.

Now I’m not saying that because I’m a doctor I have the deep level but there is some background education training and a process that needs to be gone through so that you don’t miss something important in somebody and I see people who have the lack of knowledge who call themselves healers who missed something big. What do you say about that?

Dr. Pawluk: Well you know I think everybody brings a value. The risk is that you’re telling somebody that I am the only value you need. My concept is that healing and health takes a village. So you might have one skill in say healing eyes, but you’re not going to help me heal my lower back or you have other skills in healing. I remember being on listening to a psychic panel, panel of psychics. They all had different psychic skills and it was like a panel of psychics.

So somebody asked them a question how to deal with alcoholism? Every psychic and now I used to think that it’s all coming from God, it’s all coming from Spirit it’s all coming from one source but the problem is that our perception of the source is limited by our own biases, our own filters, our own abilities, our own knowledge patterns, our own spiritual evolution. So I just really realize that everybody’s different, all healers are different.

So everybody has their own sort of level that they can work with and that they have to realize their limitations, people come to them have to realize those people’s limitations. But you know you start at someplace and that that works for you then great you’re done, if that doesn’t work for you then you go to another a different healer who does something different. Because as you heal you peel another layer, like homeopathy you peal one layer then the older problem comes up and then you have to heal another layer. Well that first healer may not be good enough to heal the second layer.

Dr. Veronica: Yes I think it’s important that people understand that it does take a village and that if you entitle yourself the healer realize that there are other people out there with different skills and talents that can do something that you can’t do and so it’s common for people who are comfortable where they are as healing to bring other people in the folds. So when people work with me I’m like okay who else can I bring in to help you. I’m always thinking about who else do I know that needs to do this because I know that person is sitting there in front of me he needs more than the particular skill set that I have to offer.

It’s like when you’re raising your children you don’t just need mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and all you know. But you need teachers you need you know the crossing guards and everybody comes in and plays a role and so when people say that they’re a healer, oh okay well who else do you work with what else do you do? And also I’m very sensitive that we don’t throw away all doctors who have skills of Western medicine because a lot of times that’s what’s appropriate for people.

The doctors in western medicine now are trained and they’re basically firefighters, they’re running around their office putting out the fire and then you have the other people whose moved into modes where they have to rebuilt the house. And so the firefighter is going to have to do the heart surgery because that person needs to live then we can use all the other stuff to get that person in a better place. But if they die you lost the whole battle and so I embrace my colleagues that are doing Western medicine and I want them to stay singularly focused on what they do well.

But I also want to open up and realize, okay I did what I can do now I need to hand them off to Dr. Veronica or Dr. Pawluk, Dr. somebody else or I’m thinking of my colleagues, Mitchell who helps people with mindfulness and gets fabulous results in that because I realized you know what that person has a mind block, that’s not my area of expertise and so here Mitchell can you help them with that mind block that I see going on. So let everybody be good at what they’re good at, but make sure that you’re inclusive in it. But let’s go back to this, this is my electromagnetic-

Dr. Pawluk: One point I would say if you don’t mind?

Dr. Veronica: Yeas.

Dr. Pawluk: And what skills you have and what skills somebody else has that compliment you do not take away from what you need to do for you to be part of the team.

Dr. Veronica: Absolutely.

Dr. Pawluk: So in other words you can’t say I’m better than them, I just have this set of skills and somebody else has that’s set of skills and combining those two sets of skills produces much better results than either one alone under certain circumstance.

Dr. Veronica: Maybe we can go back to this. Okay so this- you know people say well what are you holding up there. This is my pulse electromagnetic frequency treatment and you know I’m in yes health practitioners and that’s a whole another discussion. But I’m holding it up because I don’t care where people start using what device they use for any for a pulse electromagnetic frequency but I’m saying this the bomb. You need to have this as part of your wellness system or deceased systems to be able to get better because you after work on your energy. And so how do people you know we talked about the electrical stimulation versus pulse electromagnetic frequency, people get that confused. How do we know we’re getting the right stuff?

Dr. Pawluk: Okay so it does get complicated. I have a website drpawluk.com. That’s D-R-P-A-W-L-U-K.com, that website has been around since 2005 I think, so we’ve been doing this for a long, long time. I as a physician realize a long time ago one size doesn’t fit all. But we’re talking about different types of healers and so on, different types of practitioners. So in magnetic therapies one size, one particular device is not going to cure all, it may get you to a certain point and then you may have to think about other devices.

On my website drpawluk.com we review a lot of different devices. Because of that work I have written a book just co-author, just authored a book called Power Tools for Health and the website for that is P-E-M-F, pulseelectromagneticfieldpress.com and that will get you to the book. The book-

Dr. Veronica: Let me just say that again, P-E-M-Fpress.com.

Dr. Pawluk: So that book then is a comprehensive book talking about the science, talking about the different ways magnetic fields work in the body, talks about 50 different health conditions that magnetic fields been found scientifically to help. So there’s a scientific back up to this, thousands of references hundreds of references. And then what systems to look at and then how to use the system, what contraindication there are etc.

So different devices will help people in different ways, electrical steam I review this in the book as well. What’s the difference between electrical steam, electrical stimulation systems like tens machines or where you have to put an electrode on the body. That’s introducing electricity into the body. So that’s producing electricity like a mini electrocution, it’s a controlled electrocution. But it is and nevertheless it’s electrical stimulation of the body. We use that in medicine to kill warts, to burn tissues to stop bleeding et cetera when you use high power electrical steam.

But low power electrical steam is used is used by people on their own, tens machines for example, but they don’t go deep. Pulse electromagnetic fields have a magic PEMS go all the way through the body. So as a result you can get an entire brain treated with a magnetic field where you can’t with electrical stem. So that’s the difference between the two, they both use frequencies. Now the other difference is that pulse electromagnetic fields create energy in the body. They don’t create it they stimulate the body to create it.

So the body makes the energy, the body’s got lazy it’s gotten stuck and by stimulating with electromagnetic fields passing through the body of a sudden all this energy starts to be produced and healing starts to happen. PEMS were, some of the earliest uses of PEMS in this country were approved by the FDA for healing fractures that wouldn’t heal, they’re called nine unions. The fractures has been there for six months and it hasn’t healed at all, now they’re FDA approved you just slap one of these machines on to an wound that’s not healing and they’re doing treatments for 12 hours a day and then in 12 months healed.

Why did it stop healing? Poor nutrition not proper care of the fracture itself just osteoporosis, a whole bunch of different factors would all of a sudden cause that fracture healing to stop. Now all of a sudden you apply a magnetic field and everything starts working again. And within twelve months you’ve got a completely healed fracture non-invasively, non-surgical, safely no toxicity and it’s healed back to normal. Surgery has no solutions for those kinds of fractures, the surgical solutions absolutely horrid. All right, so this is why magnetic fields work they induce energy in the body they cause the body to make its own energy; they stimulate the body to make its own energy.

Dr. Veronica: So now you had mentioned one therapy that we know about which is bone healing. That pulse electromagnetic frequency can work on, what are so many other conditions that have been shown in research to be improved by this type of therapy?

Dr. Pawluk: So I said there are at least 50 that I cover and that’s only because there’s evidence behind them but then there’s over 25 different mechanisms of how magnetic fields work. So they do a lot more than just those 50 conditions. But the classical ones that people use magnetic fields for our pain management, healing wounds. I have a little girl three year old girl that tore off the end of her thumb in a door jam, tore it off and I’ve got pictures.

You see the suture marks where they reattached it the end of that thump where they reattached it was purple it was dead, no blood supply. We did a magnetic; she did three hours a day of magnetic therapy with a small little handheld device. In six weeks the sutures were gone the end of the thump was pink, in 12 weeks the nail was growing back. Yeah I mean that’s the most dramatic case that I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Veronica: Can this also you know like I have mentioned that I had a brain problem a neurological problem. Can this be hope for people who have neurological damage that they’ve been told that it’s irreversible there’s nothing that could be treated, is there research on that?

Dr. Pawluk: And didn’t prime you to ask that question.

Dr. Veronica: No you did not.

Dr. Pawluk: I did not but the answer is I actually did a study myself. I did, I took 10 patients with TBI, brain injuries and have them treat themselves on their heads front and back and sides, one hour front and back one hour on each side, two hours a day for three months and we use an objective measure of brain function. It’s a new instrument it’s out on university North Carolina called the Brain Gage. So we check them weekly and check them monthly, so for three months they treated themselves two hours a day and at the end of the three months I actually had to stop it for a month and recheck them again after being off it for a month.

Every one of them improved, most of them improve their results almost completely. One woman who had three car accidents had three head injuries and had a temporal lobe seizure disorder. Amazing results and she was having what she called brownouts, these sort of molecules background seizures temporal lobe seizures. Stopped completely, when she went off for the month, she couldn’t stay off for more than two weeks, she regressed so badly. So this was completely controlling her brain.

But every one of them when I checked their brains at the end of the three months after they’ve been off for a month every one of them regressed a little bit, none of them went back to normal, none of them went back to their baseline but they all improved. So my conclusion was that we were actually repairing their brain cells which medicine has nothing to offer and at the same time we’re also improving function. They were able to function better which they got basically within days. They could remember more, their brains were clearer they had less brain fog, their focus was a lot better they all basically nobody wanted to give up their machine at the end of the study.

Dr. Veronica: Yes I certainly understand that.

Dr. Pawluk: So yes, the answer to your question is yes we can heal the brain.

Dr. Veronica: Okay so brain is- but what other conditions that people are walking around with commonly?  What about let’s talk about some of those conditions that are not you know brain is this structural, let’s talk about some of those you know softy types conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes or an emotional problem or cholesterol or conditions like that, is there science will call it behind that or studies behind what those conditions where- Well you know I can see how you get [indiscernible 00:39:29] like see how you could make more brain cells.

Dr. Pawluk: Yeah absolutely and the book is full of that, I have over 500 references in the book. So I was talking, I had a patient with anxiety, so there’s lots of references on anxiety. I had a patient in my office with anxiety she was very fidgety and nervous and clearly she was like on edge, completely on edge. It was hard for me to do my interview, she was so anxious. So I put the magnetic device on the back of her neck of her neck over the medullar at a low frequency, at a fetal frequency that’s about 7Hertz and I had to sit there with her and we kept chatting.

Within about 10 minutes I could begin to see her anxiety level dropping. After 20 minutes I said you dent look anxious anymore and she said I feel great. So what was your anxiety when I first started, she said 8 of 10, what is it now, 2 out of 10. So in 20 minutes I was able to reduce her anxiety just with a magnetic stimulation to the brain. 20 minutes she ended up getting a machine she was using it basically six or eight hours.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, so how do we know that this is the electromagnetic therapy treatment versus the placebo effects?

Dr. Pawluk: That is a good question.

Dr. Veronica: Let me say something, I think that whether it’s a placebo or it doesn’t matter if the person is getting better. So what if it’s placebo, they got better we got a result but we want to know that this is better than “nothing” the [indiscernible 00:41:07].

Dr. Pawluk: The research studies have been done that have been a placebo controlled trials. So I had one case do I know it’s a placebo, I don’t because if you take it away she gets anxious you give it back to her she’s not anxious anymore. There is a training effect there are too, isn’t there and expectancy effect. Once she had a benefit once and you take it away well now you’re taking away a crutch. You’re taking away something that she’s benefiting from.

So I don’t know how much placebo there is in that or not but one of my, often one my response is how much is anything else that you’ve done helped you compared to this. Why is this any better for you than anything else you’ve done, why am I the placebo, why not all these other people placebo. Now maybe it’s my magnetic personality, pardon me.

Dr. Veronica: Well is it that somebody invested in a million investment in a machine it’s-

Dr. Pawluk: Subsequently but she didn’t-

Dr. Veronica: Maybe because they spent money also they got a result?

Dr. Pawluk: Absolutely and I expect that effect to be there. Because 50% of the benefit of anything that any doctor does is placebo.

Dr. Veronica: You got that right.

Dr. Pawluk: You know I think doctors are stupid saying well I don’t want a placebo effect, I saying are you stupid. You’re going to be 50% better by having the placebo effect, you want the placebo effect. Sure you want a medical effect but you want the person to believe that this is going to work because then their own healing process is kicking in, right. I love placebos on top of the active treatment.

Dr. Veronica: And so to wrap up, words of wisdom for those people who are on the fence of figuring out is this real or not, is this hocus pocus.

Dr. Pawluk: Well the best thing to do is to get the book because the science is there. I mean we could talk for five or six hours, I did a six hour workshop on magnetic fields and the science behind it and so on. So it’s real science and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a snail, a bird, a dog, a horse, a cow or a human. Even in snails magnetic field therapy has been found to be equivalent to 10 milligrams of morphine. It put snails on hot plates and they check to see how much morphine they need before they withdraw from the hot plate or before they don’t withdraw from the hot plate and they found out that they stopped withdrawing from the hot plate. In other words they became cook snails.

They withdraw from the hot plate under 10 milligrams, so they did the same thing with magnetic fields and discovered magnetic field therapy was equipment to about 10 milligrams of morphine and stopping us now from withdrawing having a pain response, withdrawing from the hot plate. Now tell me that a snail has a placebo effect.

Dr. Veronica: Yes I know we didn’t mention during this interview but I’m going to mention it now that this does work exceedingly well with animals which you know you there are people who are animal communicators but most of us are not and treating animals with these devices has been magnificently helpful in all kinds of issues that these animals have. So if you are a pet owner and you’re concerned about your pets this is something that can be used on your pet to be able to get results when they have some type of illness.

Dr. Pawluk: I have to Westies and one of my Westies has a history of Lyme disease and she fights with my wife all the time for time on the magnet.

Dr. Veronica: So you just mentioned another affliction that’s wide spread now Lyme disease and so I’m assuming there is some benefit for people with things like Lyme disease or chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Pawluk: Affections, wound healing again back pain muscle aches and pains all kinds of eye problems get better skin problems get better.

Dr. Veronica: And what about the diabetic and high blood pressure persons with a diabetic all of a sudden can we help them stop craving sugar so they can get their diabetes under control or what kind of-

Dr. Pawluk: Magnetic therapy does not, unfortunately there are two things magnetic therapy don’t do and I have to be really careful to say what I’m going to say, so please forgive me if I offend anybody. Number one is they don’t raise the dead. Number two let’s not do stupid things. So we jump out of airplanes we can expect to have a problem, right. You got to sleep well; you again avoid the things that are stupid for you. If you are a diabetic and you’re eating sugar.

I have a brother in law who has a Charcot foot. A Charcot foot is being helped by the magnetic therapy but he keeps eating donuts for breakfast. You know I can’t cure that, I can’t stop that behavior. But can I help the body to be better with it? Yes, I will keep his body going with magnetic therapy longer than he would otherwise. I’ll keep his kidneys functioning longer than they would otherwise, I’ll keep his eyes functioning longer than they will otherwise. But you know it can stop the diabetes, I actually saved a guy from losing both his legs with magnetic field therapy.

Dr. Veronica: I’m hoping that he works with you and improve his overall health and took on habits that helps them keep the feet that you saved.

Dr. Pawluk: It took me three months to do this job with him working with me with diet nutrition supplements and the magnetic therapy and it made a difference. Then I lost track again, he never came back, so I don’t know what happened subsequently. But at least for the time that we did he went back to a surgeon and the surgeon said, oh I guess we don’t need to amputate.

Dr. Veronica: Let’s hope that he kept doing it.

Dr. Pawluk: That’s all I can hope.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, so Dr. Pawluk I really appreciate your extended time. Doctor is at drpawluk.com, we can find you also at drpawluk.com, there’s pemfpress.com and we can get your book called, is it called Power Tools for Life or?

Dr. Pawluk: Power Tools for Health.

Dr. Veronica: Power Tools for Health, thank you so much Dr. Pawluk.

Dr. Pawluk: It’s a pleasure thank you very much, thank you for all the good work you do as well, bring it all.



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