90: The Wisdom in Solving Problems and Overcoming Addiction – Dr. Veronica Anderson

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90: The Wisdom in Solving Problems and Overcoming Addiction - Dr. Veronica Anderson

“I think we all have a significant intuition”

 Eldon Grant 

Eldon Grant is America’s Wisdom Mentor and Master Problem Solver who developed a deep understanding of where problems come from and how to solve them. He wrote the Book, Solve Every Problem In Your Life, which allows you to acquire wisdom to solve every problem you face.

On this episode, he shares his quest in finding the wisdom to solve his own problems and help people do the same. He explains the difference between knowledge and wisdom and how wisdom enables people to understand what they don’t understand. He also talks about unrecognized addictions, the root of these addictions, and how to overcome them. Listen in and acquire the wisdom you need to solve every problem in your life.

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90: Show Notes


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SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM IN YOUR LIFE: Secret, Ancient Principles Guaranteed to Grant You Wisdomby Eldon Grant


Time Stamps:

0:47 – What led him to write the book?

05:28 – Studying other people

9:47 – What is knowledge?

11:47 – What is wisdom?

12:50 – Unrecognized addiction

17:37 – What creates addiction

19:52 – Healthy recreation vs. addiction

22:10 – His system in helping people solve problems


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast.

Dr. Veronica: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution. Thanks again for joining us. Today we have Eldon Grant, we’re going to talk about problem solving because a lot of people have issues with problem solving in their life, people are overwhelmed today. So we’re going to talk about how to solve every problem. Let me just pull up right here, Eldon Grant is the author of Solve Every Problem in Your Life, Secret Ancient Principles Guarantee to Grant You Wisdom and it’s a book and a system, Solve Every Problem in Your Life. So Eldon, first give me a little bit about your background that let you come to this book of Solve Every Problem.

Eldon: Well thanks for asking Dr. Veronica. It was, when I was about 34 years old and I really woke up to the fact that I had more problems than I knew how to deal with. I was really looking for someone and it eventually led me on a quest to really start studying the most successful and the most powerful but really I begin to study the most wise people who ever lived. I began to discover there were really only four kinds of people really in the world.

People that create poor results and people who create, which I was creating in almost every area of my life. I mean I was about to lose my wife and my kids and my business and my income and my home and my health and my spirituality and it was really the lowest part of my life and I really was struggling with- It seemed to be everybody was more successful than me.

So for really almost an entire fact a little over an entire year. I really went around and started interviewing people I didn’t tell them this was an interview but I was really searching for answers and it took me about 14 months to really discover the first person who really began to address my unique situation and how I could get out of it. And so it took me on this path to study these people who really learn how to create miracles on a consistent basis.

Dr. Veronica: So let’s talk a little bit about that. Just because there’s so much self-help out there, there’s so many growls there is so much offers. I find just as a physician with a lot of training with clients who get results, people are still just so, so skeptical that you are who you are and you can do or help them how you can say help. Everybody now goes to You Tube and Google and feels like when you, the advice on You Tube and Google has failed then there’s nothing more, that’s it. So what do you say to that?

Eldon: Right, you know what I went through that same experience myself actually before there were such thing as Google and Facebook and Yahoo and all these search engines. What I began to discover in fact let me go back to a little piece of my story. After this year that I really started searching for some real powerful mentors and some people who could really helped me. Because that’s what I kind of discovered during the years that there were a lot of people who invited me to their offices, invited me into their homes and sat me down trying to give me advice you know and where they were all pretty much all of them kind and really wanted to help.

I didn’t really find a specific- Something in the back of my mind was that I knew I would hear the answer when I heard it but I didn’t really know what I was looking for and I got advice to go back to college, I got advice to how to tweak my business, I got advice on relationship help but everything seemed to be so surface level and it seemed to be, it seemed to be to not be what I needed and somehow I mean I think we all have a significant intuition and those things sound good on the surface.

When I really started comparing that to the principles that I learned on the farm. I grew up a backwards farm boy and I learned how to raise crops and raise animals and that was really the only thing I knew until I was about 14 to 15 years old and my dad opened a cabinet shop. And then it was kind of a repeat of those same lessons that I learned  in the construction field and high end finish trim business and I started to- There were some things that I just knew were true and there were other things that I heard were true and when I started studying these really successful people eventually I got to the point where- Let me back out just a minute.

Because in that process in the beginning I started studying everybody I can find and I at that point I was really, I was 35 years old and I’ve never heard of self-help books and there wasn’t Internet then. But I started studying all these books and cassette tapes, that’s where I started. But after a time I started to discover that a lot of these self-help authors were talking about techniques and here’s the techniques that you can you use and they kind of a lot of them sounded good on the surface.

It eventually started to come back to where I started using these stuff and some would work and some of them didn’t work very well and some of that was because I didn’t implement it very well but the fact is that some of it was really technicish and work sometimes and didn’t work other times. But I started to discover what I really got on this path and studying really these highly influential people. They really had significant wisdom that I just start to discovering there was a real big difference between knowledge and wisdom and that people today and especially I saw grow as I was I went through the launch of the Internet and the whole world. It was really amazing to me that I began to discover that everybody was focused on gaining knowledge.

Dr. Veronica: So let me just ask, it’s interesting because you know we’re talking about people, we’re talking about knowledge and wisdom and we’re throwing both those around and we’re going to talk about that in a second. But I find it interesting that you said you know people gave me techniques that I would implement and a lot of them I wasn’t implementing very well. And I laugh at that because one of the difficulties with you know as now I am a doctor but I coach people I guide people and implementation is difficult.

First of all getting people to implement anything and then to stick with it and then to tweak the implementation not doing it, let’s call it right or well is where I find a lot of people fall down and so let’s talk about eating and you say well how are you eating and people say well eating healthy and I don’t ask that question anymore. I say let me have you fill out my lifestyle diary, do it based on this I’m not, you have to be as honest, you have to be honest with this because you’re not honest with yourself then we never can get anywhere and in everybody’s, everybody’s diary including my own there are tweaks that can be made to do it better.

So when you talk about implementation and I wasn’t doing it very well I think that’s just a revelation that when you come to that, that’s wisdom. I wasn’t implementing it well and that’s why I wasn’t getting the desired results. So I just say the point that out that you were able to recognize this and to me that’s wisdom. So now let’s talk about the difference between knowledge and wisdom because I meet a lot of people with knowledge where they can come in give me all the papers and they’ve done all the research and they can talk really great at the cocktail party. But to be able to use that knowledge to get a result. That’s where we get more into the wisdom. So define wisdom and knowledge.

Eldon: You know Dr. Veronica that’s a beautiful segue in to that because one of the- let me back up just a bit and then we’re going to get right into that. One of the things that I learned about wisdom when, that I heard other people say about wisdom when I grew up that wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. That was just that it, I don’t know about you but that was kind of the standard definition that I heard for a long time.

Then as I began to study these other people I began to realize that wisdom is actually much more than just that. It’s a completely different way to look at life and will define the difference here, just a second. But what I, what really started to stick in my mind was this thing called principles, we’re going to get into that a little bit too. But knowledge, there’s a little so much to talk about, I can talk about this for days on end and never stop but-

Dr. Veronica: But we don’t have days on end we only got about 15 more minutes, so we got to get there. So define knowledge and then define wisdom give us a definition that people can get it in their mind and in a shorter words as possible because you know we have no attention span. So knowledge is- go ahead Eldon.

Eldon: Okay, so knowledge it is. Good point thank you very much. Knowledge is really information based, it’s all based on this information that we hear. Knowledge can be passed from one person to another it’s memorized and we based our life, it’s kind of a natural process to actually to as we as we get older to mature from this thing that I call from self-sufficiency to interdependence to prosperity. Knowledge is really based on this information that we gather from other people and gathered from our own experience and so knowledge is very linear and we gain it step by step and piece by piece.

Dr. Veronica: Okay and one thing I will say about knowledge that is interesting is you don’t know what you don’t know. I always use my doctor training as that because when I entered medical school to where I am now several years post medical school and I go to conferences and every single conference I go to which are high level medical conferences at this point. I learn something and so one piece of knowledge is also knowing that you don’t know everything, knowing that you don’t know and there is always more to know.

I became an eye doctor originally because I thought that little lie I can know everything there is about it. How much could there be to know about a eye. Four years later after training I still don’t know everything and there’s still a bunch that I don’t know today about the eye because that’s the way knowledge is. More information is discovered and knowledge evolves. So knowing that you don’t know and admitting that you don’t know. When people say oh I already know that, I’m just like all right there are un-coachable and they lack wisdom. So let’s transition in to wisdom. What is wisdom, how would you define it, Eldon?

Eldon: Well wisdom is really- knowledge let me say this too. Knowledge does not naturally transform into wisdom. Wisdom is a really different way to look life, it’s looking at life from a principle based perspective and principles are multi-faceted. They relate to everything and when you start to discover that everything affects everything else and like you say how much there is, is there to know about the eye. I mean that’s even far more intricate than some of the stuff when I teach college kids it’s really kind of funny.

Because I talk about a table or a chair and how I grew up you know when I was 15 years old my dad started a cabinet shop and I thought well you know we build more things like chairs and tables and cabinets and furniture and how much is there to know about that and by the time I got to be you know 21 years old like the [indiscernible 00:14:36] I can hear these stuff for a few years like that. You could invest your entire lifetime and never really understand how much there is to know about just one simple table.

And so wisdom enables you to understand what you don’t understand and that’s one of the biggest things because it’s really contrary to our ego. Our ego wants us to, wants to make us believe that we’re okay and that we get a little tiny a few little pieces of knowledge and our ego starts to fill in every all the blanks in between with illusion. Some of it might be semi-remotely close to reality but most of it is just based on illusions and it’s based for whatever our subconscious can fill in and it doesn’t do a very good job at that. But it makes us believe that we are okay where we are which is really a bad idea.

Dr. Veronica: So one piece that you talk about are addictions and unrecognized addictions and I find that interesting. We’re in a time where people are addicted to opioids, people are addicted to you know there’s some people out there who think that cannabis is going to cure everything. I think that’s addiction and cannabis does work for some conditions and some people I will admit that but it’s not all things to all people. I want to say that because somebody when cannabis comes on they’re going to be like you know, “ah, ah what do you mean cannabis doesn’t cure everything”? There are people who are addicted to sex to gambling to all kinds of everything. So talk about unrecognized addictions. I’m telling you about the ones that we all see but what are some unrecognized addictions.

Eldon: You know Dr. Veronica that’s something that I started to recognize a few years ago but it took me, it’s back to this you know it really took a mentor to help me open my eyes and recognize what’s really happening in my own life. And that’s where I started because I wanted to solve my own problems. So I realized that there were a lot of things that I was addicted to that I didn’t recognize myself. For a long time I was addicted to a television series. You know that was one of my escapes. I would I was there were foods that I was addicted to that I didn’t recognize.

Dr. Veronica: Such as what foods were you addicted to? Just curious so you know I have a lot of people who are watching from a health perspective.

Eldon: Like popcorn and ice cream. There were those junk foods and that’s really not the height in junk foods but anything that starts to control you. Now here’s even another realm of addictions and that’s that we become addicted to the ideals of our peers and our parents and people around us. I mean we are addicted to political ideas that anything that you are relying on and you are starting to base your foundation on that you haven’t done the research yourself. That you haven’t really discovered through research and practical application, what’s real and what’s illusion and yet you’re not in the process of discovering that. The only way to cure that-

Dr. Veronica: But before we talk about cure, before we talk about cure what are some addictions that people could have, like you said I’m addicted TV series. You know I was addicted to some foods, popcorn, ice cream. I mean I don’t know you know addictions as we defined it a lot under our health type terms means that it’s causing a dysfunction, it’s interfering with everything in your life you’ll be willing to give up anything and everything to you know get deal with these addiction and the cravings.

You know there are a lot of people who are watching TV series and you know they’re not going to work because they’re watching you know Game of Thrones or you know Queen Sugar or The Housewives of Atlanta. So can you define it really as an addiction if there’s not a dysfunction it’s really interfering with the rest their life, their family life, their work life, their money everything. So let’s come down a level and talk about activities that one might partake in that would interfere, it may not be at the dysfunction level but they’re really a problem. So what do you say are some of those for people?

Eldon: That’s a perfect, thank you for asking and clarifying. So what really creates an addiction is these neural pathways in our brain and it’s really kind of a trick of the ego that begin this whole process. It’s no different with taking drugs that now would become chemically addicted to but it’s these neural pathways in our brain that almost force us to take certain path even though we know that there are more important things to do.

And we really need to get back to what really creates a wonderful life and that’s just in the process of pursuing our potential. I mean we have a driven it’s built into our DNA, it’s built into our nervous systems. It’s part of who we are, we are intentionally designed to be growing evolving progressing human beings. And when we get stuck in a rut and that’s a I don’t know many people who remember the old late [indiscernible 00:21:20] but one of my early mentors and he used to say-

Dr. Veronica: No idea.

Eldon: He used to say that our rut was nothing more than a grave with the hands skipped out. You know and when we get stuck in a rut and when we start getting stressed out and even depressed and all these things and we start using things that is self-medication. Then that becomes a real problem and that begins to create these really strong neural pathways that is really difficult to get out of and that’s the beginning of an addiction. And so any time-

Dr. Veronica: What is not clear to me about what you’re saying is what is that, you’re using a very strong term, addiction versus what about people’s need and we do have a need to just they’re not unplugging but unplug and to sit back and relax and you know whatever. Right now I’m listening to audiotapes and I’m like, you know I’m like hey I can’t wait to finish the interview so I go back to my audiotape.

Eldon: Yeah that’s a really important point, yes exactly.

Dr. Veronica: We’re in a stressful world and people have to have a way to unplug and because people are unplugging and watching, I keep using Game of Thrones. What’s the matter with that and what’s the difference between healthy recreation and addiction in your eyes?

Eldon: Now that’s actually chapter two part two of my book and that’s one of the most powerful, that’s why it’s early on in the chapter because we are creators at heart. I mean we are naturally born creators, we create every day and we live in the realities that we created because of our decisions in the past days. So because we’re creators we also need that time to recreate and that’s where this term recreation comes from.

Recreation, we have a totally false view of that thing is and that is a critical process without adequate recreation we can’t create anything of significant value and we see that in the lives of many people. I see that in my life previous because I was using recreation more as a drug than as a help. It was a feel good, how can I just feel better in the moment in instant gratification thing instead of how can I use this to make sure my life tomorrow and next week and next month and next year is measurably better.

So that’s a big subject and we can talk for a few days but that’s a critical part. The problem is when we’re using it as self-medication as opposed to an increased as this process to make sure we’re better off and that we don’t ever have to go back to where we were.

Dr. Veronica: Okay so we have about five minutes left. I wanted you to tell us a little bit about your systems to help us solve problems and overcome addictions that we may not see as problematic now but after talking it reading we say, yeah there are some areas of my life that I’m overdoing it and I feel like I can’t stop. It’s over and it’s not one of those dead ones that people would put me in jail for, judge me for because everybody else is doing it. So tell us you know in a nutshell a little bit about the system that you developed.

Eldon: Well it really comes down Dr. Veronica to understand to really begin to understand who we really are and we really are creators. We have the capacity and the potential to do much more and to do live at a much higher level than we do. And so the system really takes people through a personal process and that’s what I wrote the book for. It’s really an amazing piece of work if I have to say so myself then I have some incredible reviews and things like that.

But really the system takes you on a personal journey to really discover what your gifts really are and what your potential really is and where you’d really like to be in the next year, in the next five years, in the next 20 years, in the next 50 years. You know time just keeps matching on and until we begin to really design that into the future if we don’t design our own lives somebody else is going to design it for us and we’re going to end up in a place that we don’t want to be.

So really has to start with that, where is your passion, what’s those things that really would enable you to feel like you are paying the rent for the space you occupy here on this earth. And so we have to start there and then it’s really a process of where am I and that’s another really big chasm that people have to cross and our ego tricks us into believing that we’re places that we really are not. And so we really in order to ever go anywhere, if I want to go from here where I live in Seattle Washington to Dallas Texas and I have no idea that I’m really in Seattle and I believe that I’m in New York. I’m never going to get here because I can’t chart the correct pass.

So we really have to come down to really be honest with ourselves. You talked about you know the journal that you help people start to keep on their health until they really decide where they are and are realistic about that and real honest in themselves and are willing to take that courage and say oh I’ve got to really discover where I am or I’m never going to find the way out. So it takes people through a process to really discover where they are and where they’d like to be and how to measure that process.

Dr. Veronica: Got it, okay so let’s start what your book the title is Solve Every Problem in Your Life, Secret Ancient Principles Guaranteed to Grant You Wisdom and we can get that or an Amazon I assume.

Eldon: You can get that on Amazon, you can log onto my website which is solveeveryproblem.com and there are hyperlinks there I have two other little books also on there. But yeah that Solve Every Problem in Your Life is really good, the flagship. I’m actually working on a couple others to follow those up but that is really a powerful, powerful book that will change your life, you’ll never be the same after reading it.

Dr. Veronica: Wonderful, thank you so much Eldon for sharing with us to put the time and effort into interviewing people in your own struggles having you interview people and say, is there a better way to do this. So solveeveryproblem.com is the website and we’ll put it in the show notes along with a link to the book. So thank you so much Eldon.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life, visit drveronica.com. See you all next week, take care.



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