The time has come for you to leave your current position and get on with your dreams. No matter the reason you’re departing, it’s best to head out the door on good terms. This is important for you as well as for those you are leaving behind, especially for the person who will fill your role.

1. Don’t Check Out
Now that you have turned in your two-week notice do your best to not just coast through your remaining time. Take this time to follow through on the next six tips so you can leave with the same positive and professional reputation you’ve built.

2. Finish Your Work
Use this time to complete the projects that you can. You do not want to leave your coworkers with partially completed projects on top of their own work.

3. Handoff Tasks You Cannot Complete
If you have projects you can’t finish, make sure to at least prep the remaining work so it can be handed off to a coworker. Compile pertinent information into files for each project and create an outline of what you have completed and what still needs to be finished.

4. Leave Training Material
If you have the chance to train your replacement, make sure to leave all the necessary information for that person. This includes important phone numbers, lists of employees they will have regular contact with, and the location of important forms they will need. Your replacement and everyone who is working with that person will be appreciative of your effort.

5. Let Your Clients Know
Plan with your supervisor to let your clients or regular contacts know that they will soon be working with someone else from the company. Also, if appropriate, use this to thank your clients and cement in their memory a positive view of you in case you find yourself working with them in the future.

6. Don’t Let it All Hang Out
Do not use your two weeks to blow off steam about your current place of work. Venting frustrations in person or in writing will not be helpful to your remaining time and may also burn bridges that you might end up needing in the future.

7. Don’t Ghost Your Coworkers
Even though it may be tempting simply to disappear and write off your coworkers, don’t. Say goodbyes and have a goodbye lunch at the minimum. You do not want to burn bridges or leave a bad taste with those you might need in the future.

Leaving your job to start a new position can be a stressful and exciting time. However, keeping in mind the seven tips above can help you to leave your current job on a positive note, and start your new position knowing you did not leave former coworkers or clients in a lurch.

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