Dr. Veronica Anderson

In her ten years as an Ophthalmologist and Glaucoma specialist and owner of Eye Associates of Central New Jersey, Dr. Veronica Anderson built her practice of over 11,000 patients using a simple motto that can be interpreted either medically or metaphorically: “Good vision improves your outlook.”

The New Jersey native, who received her undergraduate Bachelors degree from Princeton University, remembers the key moment when she was grateful that she had changed her career focus from OBGYN to her later surgical sub specialty. “One day I was taking out a cataract of a gentleman who was totally blind in the other eye and couldn’t see me at all,” she says. “He said, ‘Oh my God, you’re so beautiful, and you’re black woman, too! He had perfect vision in that eye and suddenly had a new lease on life. It was a fabulous day.”

Triumphant moments like that aside, Dr. Veronica realized shortly after launching her own practice at 31 that being an ophthalmologist wasn’t how she wanted to spend her whole life. She knew from the age of four that she was destined to be a doctor, and spent her whole adult life in a crazy whirlwind of college, med school and 100 hour work weeks—all while being married and raising young children. No one in med school taught her about the financial realities of building a business from scratch.