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“You can self-medicate with music, with tracking your thoughts and other ways to empower yourself.”

 Sherry Maysonave 


Sherry Maysonave is an expert in nonverbal communication, award-winning author, and acclaimed motivational speaker who possesses an extraordinary ability. At a very young age, she had experienced several life-changing revelations of death, spirits, and the afterlife. Inspired by a dream, she wrote the book “The Girl Who Could Read Hearts”, an inspirational and spiritual fiction revolving around a girl born with a rare and seventh sense.

On this episode, she reveals solutions for anxiety and depression beyond the usual prescriptions. She shares her story on the discovery of drug-free solutions that made a great impact in her life. Join us in this conversation of music, thoughts, news, and other drug-free medications for a happier and worry-free life.

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96: Show Notes

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The Girl Who Could Read Hearts


Time Stamps:

0:52 – About the Book

2:31 – Using drug-free solutions

5:29 – Supplements

6:30 – How to reduce anxiety

9:32 – Deep Breathing

10:19 – News detox

12:23 – Thought-tracking

13:28 – Music relative to mood

16:04 – Role of professionals

19:16 – Who can benefit from this kind of therapy?



Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast.

Dr. Veronica:  Welcome again to the Wellness Revolution.  Today I have with me an acclaimed author Sherry Maysonave, maysonave.com.  I am going to have her spell it for you as we go along because I like you make sure that you can find the people on the show, you know it will be in the show notes.  The Girl Who Can Read Hearts is her book and although it’s fiction it teaches us how to listed to our own intuition and rid ourselves of anxiety.  So Sherry welcome to the Wellness Revolution.

Sherry:  Thank you Dr. Veronica, it’s an honor to be on.

Dr. Veronica:  So I am going to ask you again to hold up your book and then first tell us about the book and what led you to write it.

Sherry:  Well, it’s a fascinating story, it the girl who could read hearts and it’s about listening to your intuition and the value of that.  It’s also about reducing your anxiety using drug free solutions and there is a doctor a character in the book that has high anxiety, terrified to bridges and she uses drug free solutions such as nose breathing and some other techniques we will talk about later to reduce her anxiety. But this book this book has won nine awards and it came to me, it was a gift from a deceased sister.  It came to me in a visitation dream, I was actually writing my second nonfiction book that I contract with a high powered agent and I was finding the work a little bit lackluster and tedious and I had this dream from my deceased sister.  She came to me so clearly, so vividly and during the rest of the night this words tumbled through my head and the next morning I got up and hit me file on my computer and this story begun just pouring out.

Dr. Veronica:  Wow.  And so let’s talk a little bit about, you know, you talk to people about intuition but also drug free solutions.  Right before we went on air I said I suggest to people a lot drug free solutions and if I …….. 0:02:21.0 people get angry with me to suggest that you can heal from anxiety or depression or anything else without the benefit of pharmaceuticals.  So talk about why you are suggesting drug free solutions.

Sherry:  Well, one thing we have become a pill popping society, we want that easy way out, that quick way out without any effort on our own part but I think so many times the pharmaceuticals harm us more than they do us good and I am one of those people that is sensitive to medication.  I suffered very high anxiety for many years because I had not listened to my intuition and had made some wrong choices and ended up in a very toxic relationship.  I was chilling those inside of my cheeks till they were raw and bleeding, I was screaming in my sleep and I don’t mean just little screams, I am talking blood candling screams that woke everyone in my household including my children. And I sought help from a psychiatrist and he wrote me a prescription for Ativan and I was going to go right to the pharmacy and fill it and I got into my car and looked at this prescription and something inside of me screamed no, don’t do it, you can do this, don’t take this medication it will hurt you.  The feeling was so strong and overpowering so I then became inspired to research how I could do this without drugs because I had to do something.  I was at a point where my life was turned upside down, I was turned upside down, I needed help.

So I began researching all the things I could do to reduce anxiety and I was amazed in a very short period of time, well, quickly, immediately I had lowered my anxiety with several practices and then I began to have to have actually very low anxiety. And I still do today and that doesn’t mean that my life is free of reasons to worry or reasons to be anxious, that’s sometimes best part of life but that’s also the coping skill you learn is how to deal with all that.

Dr. Veronica:  So speak a little bit about it because you said ok, so I decided no for the Ativan and then I figured out what I needed to do to lower my anxiety, your own intuition told you that.  So what I have noticed even in holistic field is we will say ok, we are not going to use a drug but we use a supplement in the place of a drug.  So as opposed to figuring out ok, what else is going on and what else we can do we say ok I am not going to use Ativan that but I will use Kava or I will use ………. 0:05:13.5 and there is a place for supplements this way but I have noticed a lot of people say, well, I am going to go natural and natural means that I am not going to take pharmaceutical pill I am going to take a supplement pill that is not regulated at all and so therefore now I am natural and they don’t necessarily work on the deep inner way or the anxiety came from the first place.  So is that something that you have noticed?

Sherry:  Yes, I notice that and when I talk about drug free solutions for anxiety, what I used did not include supplements. So because sometimes supplements might disagree with you too, everyone is so individual in their makeup and supplements can be pharmaceuticals in a way.  So there are other ways to sooth and ease that anxiety that does not include supplements, anything that you swallow.

Dr. Veronica:  So let’s get into talking about that a little bit about where do people go when they are feeling so awful because there is the people feel depressed but the people who are anxious a lot of times become way debilitated before the people with depression a lot of them slowly go down but the people with anxiety it really interferes and people get into having panic attacks and just everything is a big deal.  So where does somebody start?  What does he do to start?

Sherry:  Well, I started with meditation and prayer which I think boosts your health for life and you do an outlet for some of those feelings and it’s calming.  I started with limiting my negative news, the news that I watched on a daily basis and wouldn’t read books, watch scary movies, I mean, I read books but nothing scary, nothing upsetting.  For me at that point I didn’t need to read about toxic relationships, I didn’t mean to read love stories that made me cry my eyes out and long for true love which by the way I do have now.  So I started with limiting news and limiting the movies I watched and books I read and music.  Music, new research shows that music affects our neural pathways similar to psychostimulants. So I was listening to some sad sad music and all this life stuff that was just breaking my heart day after day and knowing I had to make a change which terrified me.  So this sad sad music was just depressing me, making me more anxious.

So I began reading about how music affected our brains and our neural pathways in our body, our emotions, how it stimulates emotion and started changing the music I listened to.  I stopped music with lyrics, I started listening to music with no lyrics and really soothing soft, what I call spa music that really soothed my nervous system.  This is very important from my recovery from anxiety.

And other methods too, breathing for one thing is very important and right on your face you can stop a panic attack with your nose because anxiety creates shallow breathing and the body will take over and you will start breathing through your month to get more air in.  if you are really having a panic attack first thing you know you are hyper ventilating, so if you start feeling super anxious close that mouth, just breath through your nose and no one in the room even has to know that you are about to have a panic attack.

Dr. Veronica:  So one key about the breathing that people don’t necessarily get, so first of all women tend to be much shallower breathers than men.  And so deep breathing requires you to push out your diaphragm and so you are going to say how do i know whether I am breathing correctly?  Yes, you can breathe in correctly, how do I know I am breathing in a maximal way?  Is that when you breathe in your stomach puffs out when you breathe in.  So if people would just stop a second and take a really deep breath where there stomach puffs out, that actually slows down your nervous system.  And so people say how is breathing going to help you?  Deep breaths, when I tell people count to ten, take deep breaths, ten deep breaths where …. 0:10:06.4 it’s going to slow down your nervous system and all of a sudden you are going to begin to feel calm.  That’s how the body works physiologically.  So when you are talking about deep breathing and breathing through the nose that actually works for the nervous system and that’s number one that people can do.

So let’s talk about the news detox because people seem today addicted to the news negativity.  So how did you institute that because the first thing is look, I didn’t know what’s going on.  How did you institute the news detox?

Sherry:  I wanted to be informed.  So I had a schedule, I could listen to fifteen minutes of headline news in the morning and fifteen at night but not before I went to sleep, this was early evening and I could read maybe some online for like ten minutes a day. I just made myself stop, made myself go to other things because right now there is negative news on a constant, constant loop that insights fears, insights anxiety.  So it’s really important if you are having depression or anxiety issues to institute a program, schedule yourself.  You have to schedule your news, don’t let it schedule you.

Dr. Veronica:  So people talk about the media being negative and perpetuating everything.  So what you are saying is it’s not the media, it’s you that’s allowing it.  Now let’s talk about the music.  There is different music on different vibrational frequencies, this has been well studied and it is music that is very high vibration and music that’s lower vibration.  So give us tips on how to find the high vibration music.  You mentioned spa music, any other forms of music you have found that is high vibration that lifts up how you feel.

Sherry:  Classical music, I love classic music.  I actually love all types of music but it changes my mood and so I am just very aware of the impact that music has upon me and I say its spa music for me. If I need soothing, if I need my nervous system soothed, if I feel like I have gone a little backwards going into fear or anxiety or a little bit of depression which I have had in the past I start oh oh I am not listening to the right music, I am not reading the right books, I am watching too much news.  And the other thing is I am not tracking my thoughts, I call it thought tracking and this is very very important.  I will get back to the music I promise but this thought tracking I call it mind discipline, you become aware of what you are thinking about because the motion doesn’t just happen by itself, it follows what you are thinking.  So panic attacks do not come out of the blue, they are a result of what you are thinking about.  Our mind is always working and we are having thoughts that we are not even aware of at times.  So if I start getting upset I think wait a minute, how did I get here and I start tracking back my thoughts and lo and behold there it is I had some self-devious thoughts about myself that I wasn’t capable, I couldn’t do something that feeling of powerlessness, helplessness or some fearful thought about what could happen not what’s happening but what could happen, I worry about what could happen. So that thought tracking is really important.

So I would change, I would watch that and then would be very cognizant of the music I was listening to and back to those high vibration music it’s not going to be an angry bit, you know, I like rap too and all of that but you have to really watch those hungry bits and those angry lyrics.  Music is individual, what uplifts me might not uplift you.  So it is finding what gets you energized and hopeful and happy and are soothed if you need soothing because music is so varied.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes it’s funny because I think about music and there is a pop artist that I love her happy music, that is Taylor Swift, I was like I don’t want to tell anybody I am a Taylor Swift fun but I love some of her happy music, I am just like it’s so upbeat how could you not like this.  But I am also a fun and when I recommend music to people music without the lyrics specifically because I want people to think and feel what they are thinking and feeling not what somebody else is saying into them. And these different types of music like you mentioned I like rap and, yeah some of it is good but I don’t listen to it commonly because I realize that it’s angry and lower vibration and you can measure these things.  So I am just like I am not going to listen to this, I can only listen to it for two songs really because I feel like enough because I can feel my energy coming down.

What do you say to people about the music when they say well, this is my culture or I am just keeping it real?  What do you say to people when they say I am just keeping it real and this is my culture, this is what we do.

Sherry: I say well, how is that working for you?  How is your life working?  How are you feeling?  And they usually say ah not so good. I say look, culture is just one thing, it is just one part of you, it is not all of you and if your life is not working, if you are not working you are not a hundred percent aligned with yourself, forget that culture, you can love that culture in other ways, honor it in other ways and listen to some different music that really puts you on a track for health and success and meeting your goals.

Dr. Veronica:  So let’s talk a little bit about, you said I was feeling bad, I went to a professional, they wrote me a prescription.  Talk about the role of professionals and how to identify a professional that is going to work with you on a different level so that you can heal from these afflictions like anxiety and depression.

Sherry:  I want to go back to the psychiatrist that I went to because I gave him a bad rap there with that prescription that I didn’t want take but I did go back to him and I told him the experience I had where my body, my spirit said no, not to take it that there are other ways I could do this.  And he was like great, that’s one thing we are working with, it’s for you to listen to your spirit and he said how about we just do a talking therapy for a while?  We did that for that and I did gain a lot of value from that, I really learned to honor myself and my confidence grew.  I now speak to hundreds of people, a thousand sometimes at a time and at that point in time I was shy and depressed and couldn’t dream that I could have done that.  So I did gain great value from that work but I think it is important to work with a professional that will listen to you and if they are all about that prescription, if they can’t get beyond giving you a drug then they are not the right professional.

Dr. Veronica:  So I will recommend the people that they ask that question, if I am looking for other ways to do it besides using a prescription would you work with me as best possible to not use?  But I also think it’s important to work with professionals who are willing to consider it based on the partnership.  So some people say every pharmaceutical is bad. No, I think it can have its role at a particular time but it’s important to work with a professional that will use it judiciously and also have a plan to help you get off of the pharmaceutical because your body is not believing it.  So ask the question upfront on what their philosophy is about getting people off of medication.

Sherry:  Now I agree with that, that’s an excellent excellent point because there are times that people do need medication and perhaps there is a chemical imbalance that needs to be corrected but make sure there is that plan to get beyond that, that it’s not a lifelong journey of medicating.  You can self-medicate with music, with tracking your thoughts and other ways to empower yourself.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes, so I just want to mention a little bit, your website maysonave.com and go ahead spell it for us.

Sherry: It’s maysonave, so maysonave and the primary website right now is thegirlwhocouldreadhearts.com.

Dr. Veronica:  Ok, so when you work with people and speak to people what is the main type of person that would benefit from your type of work?

Sherry:  Well, my work is really about empowering other people and helping them be more successful.  I am passionate about helping people reach their greatest potential and finding the greatness within them because there is greatness in every person.  So I work with people on just that, on developing intuition, if they are suffering with depression or anxiety weighs drug free solutions or weighs with working with that.  I also speak on professional dress and body language.

In the corporate world I am considered a non-verbal communication expert.  So that non-verbal is very important which is also one of the key things to learn about if you are trying to lower your anxiety or depression how you are holding your body.  Our bio feedback shows that the shoulders, if you are dripping your shoulders you are going to start feeling disappointment, you will start remembering all the things that you have been disappointed in.  Put those shoulder back and I don’t mean up or around your ears because that’s when you are scared but shoulders back, comfortably back, you are going to feel better about yourself.  You are going to be more confident, you are going to see more possibilities for your life.  So your own body language, the messages that sends to you and to other is very key into achieving your goals.

Dr. Veronica:  Beautiful.  So Sherry Maysonave, maysonave.com.  The Girl Who Could Read Hearts which will give people about how people use their intuition and tools to get over anxiety, fiction book, so it is going to be enjoyable, I am sure.

Sherry:  Very enjoyable, story is the tool of transformation also.

Dr. Veronica:  So I think it’s important for us to, with our entertainment to make sure it’s something that’s going to be uplifting the entertainment. You know what I have been enjoying lately, I have been enjoying listening books on tape and Westerns particularly and I have been mesmerized by this Westerns.  So every chance I get and I am getting dressed or I am doing whatever I like ok I am just out there and I am somewhere in the West listening to cowboy stories.

Sherry:  Yes, getting to occupy a different world for a while yes.

Dr. Veronica:  Sherry I thank you so much for being on the Wellness Revolution.

Sherry:  Thank you Dr. Veronica, it was an absolute honor and pleasure to be with you today.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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