78: Healing from Another Dimension with Owen James

“We’re working from another dimension. We’re not working from the cold science dimension; we’re working from the sensory-visual knowing.”

     Owen James    

Owen James is a medical intuitive who works as a psychotherapist. He heals a person by seeing into the body physically, emotionally and spiritually. He believes that every organ in the body has its own movement, own feel, and own vibration.

On this episode, Owen shares his experiences in spiritual healing and how he realized the power within him. He talks about past lives which he believes have a connection with the issues of the present physical body. He also talks about Christianity and how our relationship with God affects our wellbeing. He brings us to another dimension where Science alone cannot explain.

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78: Show Notes

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Time stamps:

02:26 – The realization of his healing capabilities

06:25 – The use of vibrational medicine

07:06 – Healing in the alter dimension

12:32 – From a Spiritual Healer point of view

14:24 – Past Lives

20:41 – Curses and Dark Forces

24:36 – Influences of Implants

32:19 – Blueprint of the body



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