Defying Age with Dr. Robert Silverman

“Science bridged to application will lead to results”

     Dr. Robert Silverman     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Katie Beecher to Learn about Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being from a Medical Intuitive.

Dr. Robert Silverman is a Chiropractor and an expert on human nutrition. He graduated magna cum laude and has accomplished a long list of educational degree. Despite having a physical impairment, he became one of the best in the field of functional nutrition. His principles on health and nutrition are so overwhelming that you just can’t get enough of it.

On this episode, Dr. Robert Silverman teaches about what speeds up the aging process and what can be done to slow it down. He talks about the contribution of blood sugar to aging and the supplements that would help in sugar regulation. Discover how to stay young, look young and feel young.

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75: Show Notes

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Time stamps:

04:36 – Addiction on pills

10:53 – What drove him to Chiropractic

13:05 – What are good results

15:22 – Anti-aging strategies

19:33 – Getting out of sugar addiction

22:10 – Fruits that are not so high in sugar

23:24 – Why are sugar substitutes more harmful than plain sugar

25:13 – Issues on honey, agave and the like



Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine Doctor, Functional Medicine New York, ManhattanDr. Veronica Anderson is an MD, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Homeopath. and Medical Intuitive. As a national speaker and designer of the Functional Fix and Rejuvenation Journey programs, she helps people who feel like their doctors have failed them. She advocates science-based natural, holistic, and complementary treatments to address the root cause of disease. Dr. Veronica is a highly-sought guest on national television and syndicated radio and hosts her own radio show, Wellness for the REAL World, on FOX Sports 920 AM “the Jersey” on Mondays at 7:00 pm ET.

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