Neimology Science: Learn How a Person Thinks, Feels, and Behaves

“Names help us follow our own individual paths in life”

     Sharon Lynn Wyeth     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Sharon Lynn Wyeth about Neimology Science: Learn How a Person Thinks, Feels, and Behaves.

Do you know what your name says about you? Sharon Lynn Wyeth helps people learn how to improve their lives and their relationship with others. She uses Neimology® Science, the ability to interpret the letters in one’s name to see how a person behaves and thinks, along with other identifying characteristics.

During the show, Sharon will give an example of how she breaks down names to gain insight into that individual. She will unfold some naming rituals in cultures & religions from our past.

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71: Show Notes

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Know the Name, Know the Person – Sharon Lynn Wyeth


Time Stamps:

02:00 – The story behind Dr. Veronica’s name

06:15 – Why study names?

07:41 – Reading and pronouncing names

09:30 – Dr. Veronica’s soul mate

16:06 – Learning from Dwain’s name

19:17 – Short names vs. long names

20:43 – Neimology Science trademark

21:22 – Naming rituals in cultures & religions

25:25 – Commonly used names



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