Genetic Variants and Nutritional Supplementation for Optimal Health

“It’s inflammation at the cellular level that causes us to break down”

     Bob Miller     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Bob Miller about genetic variants and nutritional supplementation for optimal health

What’s holding back your optimal Wellness? Bob Miller has served as a traditional naturopath for 20 years and has spent the last several years engaged almost exclusively with genetic variants and related research. He helps others by analyzing genetic data and then suggests a nutrient program specific to the individual.

In this episode, Bob will provide solutions to the common genetic factors that are harming your health. Listen to the end for insight on the issues with over the counter supplements.

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53: Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

07:00 – Becoming a naturopathic physician
09:30 – Gluten, dairy, and histamine foods
12:13 – Genetic factors
18:00 – Nos uncoupling
18:40 – Over the counter supplements


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